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lost_souls_ny's Journal

Lost Souls in the City
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All Members , Moderated

All the world's a stage....must mean some legs need to be broken.

Lost Souls New York is an RPG community open to anyone, a strange alternate version of New York as we know it. Crime, corruption and debauchery is rife, the vigilantes work tirelessly, vampires, mutants and psychos are around every corner.

Welcome to The Big Apple, a haven and punishment for Lost Souls. Whether you are a villain, a vampire, a slayer, a superhero, a hooker, an angel... well the list goes on, then your character is welcome to join us.

Well they'll be welcome OOC, whether the same goes for IC, depends entirely on who you bump into during your stay.

The Rules

This is an adult community, graphic scenes of a violent or sexual nature are to be expected. All writers must be over 18 to play here.

No god modding (and by that we mean writing any reaction for someone elses character without express permission from the mun), no life threatening violence without prior consent.

We don't care whether your character is canon, an OC, canon with your own added twist. We don't care if alternate universe versions of the same character show up. We don't care if you don't know anyone here.

We reserve the right to ban any character or mun from the community.

All Members can join lost_souls_ooc, any out of character discussions, plotting can be posted there. Feel free to introduce yourself over there aswell either IC or OOC