31 May 2006 @ 08:36 am
The Work Keeps You Going - Info - Closed
One of the things Sonny wanted in New York City was a place he felt comfortable doing business at. Jason found a great location in Tribeca, with a good price. Construction was nearly finished, and Jason painstakingly set the restaurant/bar up so that people could come in, have a good meal of real food, and talk in some kind of privacy. No bands. No disco. No loud music. The big screen TV's would work for games, but other than that, the place would be a haven of peace in the middle of the loud city.

Food mattered to Sonny Corithos, and Jason made sure that the very best things were served. They had to make a trade, though. Bruno Moor was a six foot ten inch tall ex-con, on parole for bank robbery and attempted murder. But he was a first class cook, whipping up the best burgers, ribs, steaks and barbeque chicken. His food was juicy, perfect and simple, food for real people who liked to eat. Bruno would stalk the kitchen, one big, black, tattooed mountain of a man. Unfortunately, as good as his skills were with the stove, his desserts left a bit to be desired. So Jason made a deal with a place in Colton, California, called Mommie Helen's. In exchange for the Corinthos family building them a new location, they would ship their incredible pies, cakes and cobblers to the place, exclusive for the East Coast.

Right now, they were about a week from opening. In the chaos of hiring staff, printing menus and choosing glassware, Jason Morgan was keeping his mind on the purpose of the place. It's a place for players to meet. The word went out that Morgan's was neutral ground for all, no matter what family or clan you aligned with. Anyone who came to do business or relax there was protected. Sonny decreed it, and Jason was there to enforce it.

OOC: Morgan's is Jason and Sonny's restaurant. It's a simple place, where all criminals, cops, players and everyone are welcome to have a great meal, or meet for business. Just a cool spot where all are protected. Think of it as a church is for Highlander. No fighting or trouble.
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