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22 May 2006 @ 01:17 am
Put Our Heads Together (tag: Molly, open)
The elevator doors dinged open and Karolina hustled Molly out into the building's lobby as quickly as possible. Men and women in power suits shot them curious looks as they slid by in their jeans and t-shirts and the security guard frowned as though trying to recall whether he'd admitted them earlier. Karolina tossed her hair back and gripped Molly's hand as she strode out the bulletproof glass doors with utmost confidence.

When in doubt, fake 'em out.

The two of them hit the sun dappled pavement and Karolina sat them down on a low retaining wall. Molly had been dutifully quiet during their sneak exit from the building's roof (she knew just how much attention a chattering child could draw in a crowd of adults), but she was practically wiggling with questions. Karolina had to smile, even with their narrow escape from what she could only think of as 'Agents' and the capture of the man calling himself Morpheus. Something had to be done about organizing a rescue effort, but that could wait a five minutes; she hadn't seen Molly in three years! She hugged the girl tightly, ruffling her bunny-eared hat with the palm of her hand.

Reuinited in a brawl after three years. Where to begin?

"You were great back there, Mol'," she said earnestly. "But what were you doing there all alone in the first place? Why wasn't everybody else with you?"
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20 May 2006 @ 10:30 am
A Prison Within a Prison

Smith and the twelve other Agents had "borrowed" four NYPD police cars from outside the Grand Central Terminal and driven through downtown, all sirens blaring. Although the call from Agent Pace had caught him slightly off guard, Agent Smith had been waiting and preparing for that moment for two weeks now. And as the convoy reached the location, greeted by two squads of the National Guard, dispatched there on Smith's request, a grin appeared on his face.

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13 May 2006 @ 11:32 pm

The night was dark as coal and the thick rain was falling heavily on New York, the new Matrix City that Neo was discovering for the first time. He had been inside the Matrix for more than three days: this prolonged exposure to this world he knew was fake had made him dizzy. But he needed to remain focused.

He had explored all the underground places, dark alleys and shadowy buildings looking for Trinity. If his intuition was correct, she would try to remain low-profile, especially if she was wanted by the police and if Agent Smith was back, probably looking for her as well. That thought made him shiver. Neo had seen her wanted poster plastered all over the city and he hoped that he would find her before Smith.

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10 May 2006 @ 11:46 pm
Painting the town Red-For Max (open?)
When Selina wants to spend a night out on the town, she doesn’t spare any expense. She knows that she will be accepted into every exclusive club and she will even get paid to do it. Of course, she isn’t as ‘hot’ as Paris is right now, but that scrawny little princess still doesn’t hold a candle to her sheer sex appeal.

Selina is excited that she will be going out with another beautiful woman. Together, they will paint the town red and no one will see them coming. It was too perfect. However, Max said that she wanted to have dinner first to make it more like an official date. She has her driver go to Max’s place and wait outside for her. First dinner and then the club and then after that, who knows...
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01 May 2006 @ 11:40 pm
Got a two-way ticket (open)
Karolina woke up the morning after her coffee with Mac and decided she needed a break. New York was weighing her down like the proverbial world, something she hadn't realized until she'd removed the inhibitor bracelet the previous afternoon. She hated the oppressive gray of the city's slate sky, hated the way it grew up instead of out, hated the perpetual miasma of imminent crime. But most of all she hated being surrounded by people who seemed to do nothing but feel sorry for themselves. Self pity and self imposed isolation rolled off practically everybody she passed on the street. It was alternately depressing and frustrating, and she could feel it eating away at her usual good mood. Been there, done that, grew up. She had to get away from the cloying basement-coffee-shop angst that was New York before it drove her nutty.

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26 April 2006 @ 12:56 am
Zombie Rally! ((Open))
You can see them on street corners, some holding signs. You can find them on the subway selling stuff. They walk out of alleys being trailed by a man redoing his pants and holding a twenty. Zombie Mimes are every where!

Lurching down main street through Times Square, they form geometrical groups that hold up signs demanding equal rights. Mime Zombies want equal pay for equal rights. Mime Zombie afirmative action!

So what that they eat a few brains. So what that they might block rush our traffic as they shuffle down the street. So what that they might leave behind a part of themselves to rot and crawl alone behind. Zombie Mimes are people, and as such, they demand to be treated as human beings.

Zombie Mimes want the right to vote!
26 April 2006 @ 01:14 am
An Angel's real fall.
He was glad for the rain, it washed away the tears that spilled down his face. It was a fact that fate was cruel and he had been dealt the worse deal of all. He could still smell her perfume on his body and her voice rang in his head like a beauitful melody that would send someone slowly insane.

A feather fluttered down from torn and tatty wings that hung limply from his back. He had once said that she was worth any punishment he would be given and she still was. A shiver ran down his spine, cold and unwanted, he could feel the end of his time coming but he couldn't resist saying her name once more on his lips.

'Chloe,' another feather dropped and he lowered his head. Sometime he wished he was like his brothers. Unable to feel, unable to give up hope.

He turned around, his eyes caught the shift of light against the edge of a sword. She was here, the anointed one and she was coming to end it all. Drawing in a slow breath he took a step forward, unafraid to end it all. He loved her more than anything and if he could not be with her his life had no meaning. Another step forward and he watched as the blade was brought up high...then he just closed his eyes and thought of her.
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25 April 2006 @ 02:48 pm
As she stares out the taxi Abigail felt a strange sense of happiness and dread. This was home, it always would be though she loved where they lived now being back here was a must. Yohanna had advised she and Hannibal to come here while she works on her case to clear her name. They get out at the house and she looks up at it. It had seemed like a lifetime ago she'd been here but nothing changed other than the fact she's married now. Taking Emily's hand they head up as Hannibal pays the taxi driver. She can only hope that things will remain calm while there.

She hadn't been herself over the last couple of weeks, the whole situation was exhausting her. The only happy time she'd had was the wedding and that ended too quickly.
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25 April 2006 @ 02:34 pm
Letting the body drop to the cold, dirty, alley floor he licks his lips. His eyes flash as he steps out onto the gritty New York sidewalk. The air was so thick you could almost chew it. This town was so different than any other. Goodness didn't taint it. No, New York remained it's dark, decadent and dangerous self through time and tribulations, only getting more and more disgusting with every passing year. It was basically a vampires wet dream.

With his belly full but nowhere near satiated he walks into a bar, scanning the room for his next possible prey.