30 August 2006 @ 08:45 pm
A chance for the protege..
Nomak settled back into a shadow, eyes watching his student Sharif. He was more than a little skeptical about this whole hacker approach, preferring to see some real, tangible results.. but he had been growing steadily more lucid and intellectual, so long as blood was provided in reasonable supply. He had to let his lieutenant work solo at some point, may as well be now..

He watched unseen by screen as his pupil manipulated this digital mercenary.
thescythebehind: Coldthescythebehind on August 31st, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)
Sharif nodded over the telescreen to his favorite hacker, the Phreak. He would have to spend more time than Nomak dealing with the cattle and suckpuppets, so had put together certain cosmetic changes to look the way he had before.. before he became what he was, and this maladjusted Net savant couldn't tell a change.

"Phreak, remember how I want this done-" "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've scoped this Frost guy's systems, and it'll be no harder than the Pentagon. Sure, I get the misdirection thing, no 'PHREAK WUZ HEER' on their screens, but don't worry- this guy's going down." The lanky guy, old enough to buy beer and young enough to be proud of it, waved his hand dismissively.

Sharif smiled. The Phreak may be expensive and cocky, but he was among the top all right.. "I trust your judgment, Phreak. How long will the process take?" "I'll be through the outer defenses in a couple minutes, but it'll take about half an hour to gut the system like you want Maybe 20 minutes if the programs work better than expected. Naturally, you'll be patched in on the whole thing; got to have an audience!"

He smirked a little this time. "You certainly will. And I'm looking forward to seeing these fuckers get taken down a notch."
Elizabeth Silver-Frost.  (Pepper): fun in deacon's shirtsinful_minx on August 31st, 2006 07:07 am (UTC)
The phone rang, and Pepper opened her eyes. Rolling over, she checked the digital clock. 4 AM? Whoever it was, this had better be good or she was gonna make sure Deacon crucified the SOB. Bringing the cell phone to her ear, she closed her eyes, then snapped them open as the voice on the other end began speaking.

"What? Who, ok when did you notice it? And you're just calling me NOW?" Rolling off the bed, she scrambled to the office, pulling on one of Deacon's shirts as she went.

Turning on her computer, she sat down at the desk, and flipped the switch for the wall monitors as well. "Ok, send me the info. And everything you have on this. No, do it now!" Flipping the cellphone closed, Pepper adjusted the webcam so her contact could see her, and put on her earphones.

Motorhead's "Play the Game' started blasting in her ears as she started checking the information that came up on the screen.
thescythebehind: Pointythescythebehind on September 1st, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)
"Shit!" And Sharif's attention was jerked back to the here-and-now by the Phreak's epithet. "Got a little sloppy, and they spotted me!" "What is the status? Can you still complete the job?" Demanding, feeling sick to his stomach as the eyes of his master bored unseen into his back.

"Yeah, I can take care of their countermeasures piece of cake. And I'm pretty close to done anyway. YA-HOWZA, gal in charge is a babe!" Phreak's nonchalance was infective, and Sharif found himself more confident of being in charge of the situation.

"How can you tell?" Was he.. no, of course not. "What's she doing?" "Oh, she's got her webcam on. I can patch you in, if you want."

Sharif was suddenly very glad of the Nightstalker garb he wore to these things, while feeling the glare of Nomak's yellow eyes. "Ye-..Yes, patch me into her. I want to taunt her with her foolishness while you finish the job."
Elizabeth Silver-Frost.  (Pepper): eyes closedsinful_minx on September 1st, 2006 07:00 am (UTC)
"What do you mean, you don't know exactly when or far hey got in? How long ago did you finally realize - That.. you imbecile! The entire system could be compromised! Motherfuck.." She slammed down the earphones, got up and walked around the room, breathing deeply and getting her feelings back under control.

She was the head of security, she could do this. This is what Deacon paid her for, what he relied on her to do. And this is what she paid her people to do. If they fucked up, that means she did too. And Pepper did not intend to have it said that she fucked up. Think Pepper think. Its not really likely that they were that advanced. Probably just another business company or some stupid kids playing around in the system. No need to get all worked up. Calm, if I stay calm I can take care of this.

Sitting back down at the desk she turned down the music, put her earphones back on. Her hand reached out and she the webcam again "Can you see me?" Stupid thing, she never knew when it was on because it didn't come with a red flashing light to tell her it was in use. But Deacon liked this model, so what Deac wanted, Deac got. "Good, now get this and get this straight". She continued to talk to her contact, patching in to another while absently looking up at the monitors on the wall. Someone had gotten into her babies, somebody was gonna fucking pay.
thescythebehind: Shiny Lookthescythebehind on September 2nd, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)
So that's the woman who tasted so good.. His eyes widened slightly, a faint smirk creasing his lips. She has no idea what she's in for.. best give her a little hint.

While the Phreak played around stonewalling her people's defense measures and structuring the code and viruses so that it would all wipe and crash in a couple of minutes, he studied her intently. "Phreak, can you override her monitor and 'com with my screen?" "No prob, you're the customer." Hurriedly adjusting the light so only his eyes and Stalker insignia were clearly visible, "Do it." Phreak's hands nearly blurred over the keyboards, and...

A faint smirk. "Having fun, Princess?" She'd be seeing him on her screens, hearing him instead of her people.. and the look on her face was priceless.
Elizabeth Silver-Frost.  (Pepper): Cat with the creamsinful_minx on September 2nd, 2006 05:05 am (UTC)
"What?!" She slammed her hands down on the computer desk, jerking her head back and gasping out loud at the man in black who - just - appeared on one, two - all of her wall monitors, and her computer screens as well. In that single moment she felt vulnerable, frightened of the darkly smiling man with the intense eyes. Those dark eyes that looked as if he could see her. No, correction. Could see right through her.

Swiftly she got her demeanor back, and gave a smile at the person on the other side of the monitor. "Sorry, darlin. No princesses here. Just another paid worker for Frost Enterprises. I'm Pepper, I work security. And just who might you be?" Slim chance, but maybe she'd be lucky and they didn't know she was Deacon's lover.

Dammit, one avenue was blocked, and she worked her fingers, swiftly trying to send a message out to her contacts. The next path came back as 'not found'. Dammit, he was doing something to her systems and she couldn't even get ahold of her people anymore! Inwardly she growled, swearing revenge of the most inventive sort.

"And just why did you 'jack our computers, eh? That wasn't... very... nice you know?" She settled back in the chair, continuing to type. While she spoke to him, her fingers flew over the keys, trying to bypass whatever the fuck he had just done and ordering her teams on pain of agonizing death to fix the systems and find the assholes that just hijacked her computer and monitoring systems.
thescythebehind: Intentthescythebehind on September 3rd, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)
The smile sharpened, turned subtly more predatory. "I know what you are, Godslut. And this time, what you are.. is a failure. And I want you to know just what's about to happen without a chance to do anything about it."

Phreak snickered a little on his part, not that Pepper would be able to hear it. Seems he'd managed to lock her station from accessing the rest of the system, prompting her for the admin's password, which had just been changed to 'Hannibal King With A Big Nose-Ring' a few moments ago. "You're going to lose it all. Every last scrap you have to work with, even in your archives. And it's going to be that way just because I felt like it." The grin is positively vicious now; Phreak was signaling there was about forty seconds until it was done.
Elizabeth Silver-Frost.  (Pepper): body shotssinful_minx on September 3rd, 2006 02:16 am (UTC)
At the word 'godslut' her hand came up, flipping him the middle finger as she snarled at the image on the screen. "Bite me bitch." Frustrated, she tried again and again to find the password to her now locked-out system.

Finally in frustration, she stood up, leaning in to get a better look at the man and the insignia. "Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you have any idea what he'll do to you when he finds out what you've done?"

"And I'm gonna be there to see it, damn you. I'll be there the day he whips the skin from your fucking bones and uses what's left of you as a sextoy, you bastard!" Sitting back down, she hit the link to disconnect them and begin to shut down her computer. "What the fuck did you.. you think this'll stop me? This?" Her eyes glared blue fire at the stranger looking back at her in the shadows, then said "Fuckit" and started shutting down her computer, trying to salvage something, anything from this new and unknown menace from looting and destroying her beloved security systems.
thescythebehind: Pointythescythebehind on September 3rd, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)
His eyes glinted at the helplessly angry woman, enjoying her irritation at being blocked time and again. "I think that I'm the guy fucking you over right now, whore. And I'll remember those words. You'll be hearing them as this starts going to work." He's got a large and razor-sharp kukri in his hand right now, the blade shining evilly into her monitors.

Making the prearranged finger-clicking to the Phreak after he signaled readiness, the last thing she saw on her screens was his sneer superimposed over a 'Password required for this action' to her attempted shutdown.

And then they all went dark, as the entire Frost computer network software imploded.
Elizabeth Silver-Frost.  (Pepper): black and whitesinful_minx on September 3rd, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
Angry? Oh, angry is not the word for what she was feeling. Both of her hands came up in a double bird, and she yelled at the now dark screens "FUCK YOU!" Slowly she sat down at the darkened screens and began typing again, trying to get something, anything to turn on or work. With a shake of her head, Pepper soon gave up and lowered her head in quiet defeat, silent and unseen.

With a heavy sigh she got up from the desk and walked over to where she'd left a partially opened bottle of wine and poured some out into the empty wine glass next to it. "Damn. Deacon's gonna have my ass for this." She whispered, as she took a sip.

Taking another sip she flipped open her cellphone and began dialing. "Yea, I know. Complete failure. Shut it down. Fuck, shut it all down. And I'll.. I'll tell him myself. Yea, I know." Someone was going to die over this. It wouldn't be her, but still, she was the one who'd deal with his wrath. After all, she wasn't just his lover, she was the head of his security force. And she'd failed. Calling his cellphone, she left a message that she needed him at home. And yea, as soon as possible, business wise. Then she set the phone on the nightstand, along with the now empty bottle.

Sitting down on the bed with her wineglass, she clutched her shirt together, shivering. For a moment she could have sworn that she felt someone's eyes on her, staring at her still. Had to be nerves, dammit, she was the only one there and she knew it. But what did he mean, that man and his blade? Shaking her head and taking another drink of her wine, Pepper was suddenly very glad that no one could get her here, so glad that she was safe. Deacon will know what to do when he gets home she thought as she set down the empty goblet. Slowly sliding his shirt off her body, Pepper lay back on the bed, sliding in between the sheets once more. Yea, as soon as he got home she'd tell him.
thescythebehind: Coldthescythebehind on September 3rd, 2006 05:47 am (UTC)
Sharif let out a barely audible sigh as her visage showed the complete gutting of the system proved successful. He wasn't really sure how Phreak kept her webcam on, but it worked.. "And it'll stay on the whole time?" "Yeah, this is sub-basement programming. I left it access points to hook into the normal webcam program, so she won't have any tipoff about it that way; all you have to concern yourself with is obvious tells like a little red light or if she unplugs it. Now, if I could get the rest of my- ah! Your transfer just went through." The pimply fellow whistled. "Nice tip there! See you next time." And his part of the screen blipped off.

Taking in a breath, he turned and looked at his master, gaze steady and calm but a wild glee secretly welling inside.
reap_the_night: Fear the Reaperreap_the_night on September 3rd, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
Holding his lieutenant's eyes for a moment, Nomak finally nodded slightly, infinitesimally. "I had my doubts, but your plan worked. You did well, Sharif."

Pausing to let him bask in the statement, he finally went on. "Just remember that the whore is a familiar, nothing more. She is an attempted roadblock, not an end in and of herself. Do not get too caught up in her, my student."

He cocked his head towards the exit. "Now let's go; there is still much to do tonight."

And the two loped out of the building, Nomak focused on the next goal, while Sharif.. Sharif was having such a hard time getting that miserable, fiery bitch out of his head...