09 August 2006 @ 11:42 pm
After the Storm

That was a close escape! Neo had succeeded in momentarily stopping the Agents, soldiers and policemen from closing in on them, and Karolina, Molly, Morpheus, Trinity and himself had walked through the exit door, which Neo then firmly shut down. They were safe. When Agents would re-open the door, they would only see the rusty staircase of a New York office building.

But for Neo and the rest of the group, the door had led them into what seemed to be an infinite hallway of identical doors. A few metres down the left of where they had come in, a man was keeping another door open and leading the group through it.


As Neo recognised the guardian of the Oracle, he ran towards him as the rest of the group walked through the door Seraph was still holding open for them.

"Seraph," Neo started.

"Neo," Seraph replied, "why are you here with them?"

"Trinity is alive: I needed to see her."

"Things have changed," Seraph answered while looking over his shoulder, as if worried someone would come out of one of the doors. "The Matrix needs you. But the attention you draw from anomalies like Smith might endanger the ones around you. The times of difficult choices are not over."

"But Seraph, I...," Neo started.

"There's no time, you need to step through this door. But remember: your gift is a double-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. Be careful."

As Seraph briefly rested his hand on Neo's shoulder in a gesture of encouragement and faith, Neo walked through the door to join the rest of the group in the dark and run-down corridor of an apartment building. He had been there before: it was Morpheus' place! The rest of the group, led by Trinity, was already heading towards one of the doors -- Morpheus' apartment door. Hastily, they all got in.
Trinity: together/Mobil Avenuetrinity_matrix3 on August 10th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
Trinity walked into Morpheus' apartment and marched straight to the cabinet where they kept most of the medical supplies. As she feared, they did not have enough due to the amount that must have been spent on her in the previous weeks. She brought back what she could and set it out on the table. Peering at Morpheus, who was the worst off out of all of them, she assured, “I’ll go out soon to get more.”

Clearing her stuff from the couch in the room she had stayed in, Trinity informed them that it was available, should anyone chose to sit or lay down to recuperate. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the cold-water faucet. As she splashed the ice-cold water on her face, she realized what she was doing: procrastinating. She was torn between what she wanted to do and what she had to do. Trinity wanted to run over to Neo and hold him in her arms, she wanted to marvel in the miracle of him begin there. On the other hand, she was wasting time over the sink because she was scared. She was scared to find out why he was back; she was afriad that he would want to know how she came back and other questions she did not want to face.

What she had to do was walk out of that apartment and get medical supplies. What she had to do was maintain the level of professionalism that she always did around Neo when others were around. This time it would not be easy. What she had to do is leave the damn bathroom and face Neo. Picking up a wash towel, she wet it with cold water and brought it out for Morpheus.

As everyone settled in, she walked over to Neo. Her heart beat so hard in her chest that she felt it pounding in her ears.

“I’m going to have to go out to get some more first aid supplies.” Her voice came out even and nonchalant, but he would be able to read the expression on her face. Very lightly, she brushed her hand against the cuff of his coat and nodded towards the kitchen. “Let's talk in there.”
Neo: Trinityneo_thematrix on August 10th, 2006 07:57 pm (UTC)
Neo had lagged behind the group a little and he was the last to reach Morpheus' apartment door. Down the corridor, Seraph had already closed his door shut. Neo stopped before entering the apartment and look towards both extremities of the hallway. His eyes could see beyond the doors, beyond the walls, beyond the buildings. The Matrix code was constantly "talking" to him but it required a lot of concentration to be able to sift through the vast amount of data and make sense out of it. Standing quietly in the doorway, Neo focused on the millions of lines of code. Although there was no immediate discernable danger, his guts feeling was telling him that this place might not remain safe much longer.

Neo closed and locked the door before turning around. Through a quick glance at the Matrix code surrounding him, Neo "saw" that Trinity had already disappeared into the bathroom, that Morpheus was still carrying the Child of Steel asleep in his arms, and that the Lady of Light, apparently pale and weak, seemed to be looking for a place to rest.

His head filled with questions and worries, Neo nevertheless assessed that the time was not right for him to bombard them with his questions. He could however watch over them and help them recuperate. Still lost in his thoughts, Neo walked into the kitchen and poured water into two large coffee mugs that he would bring to his friends. He turned around and exited the kitchen, his head down, looking at the water-filled mugs, but he immediately stopped and looked up to see Trinity standing in front of him. She looked troubled.

As she led him back into the kitchen, Neo knew what he needed to tell her.

"I am sorry, Trinity," he started while putting the two mugs down on the counter, his back turned at her. "I am sorry to have put you in such a distressful situation."

Turning around, his eyes met her eyes.

"But I missed you, Trinity. I missed you too much."
Trinity: together/Mobil Avenuetrinity_matrix3 on August 10th, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
“No,” she replied shortly. “Don’t be sorry.” She was surprised to hear him say that. It sounded as if he was implying that his appearance to her had somehow been a mistake and that sliced through her deeper then any blade ever could. Her brow was knitted together causing the worry lines to appear on her forehead.

“It just…caught me off guard.” She took a step closer to him and peered up into his face while pulling the black PVC glove off one hand. Brushing her cool fingertips against his chiseled jaw, her breath caught in her throat. He was really there.

“I’m the one who is sorry.” She nodded sadly, knowing what needed to be said. “I wanted to believe so badly that you would come back, I needed to believe it so badly that I didn’t question when I ran into someone who seemed...who looked, exactly like you, as long as he had some part of you."

Sighing, she her hand dropped from his face to her side and she turned her head, almost in shame.

"Even though some part of me knew that he wasn’t you.”

Trinity looked down at the floor briefly before looking back up into his brown eyes. “So when I saw you here the…” She stopped short, what was she going to say now? The coding did not look the same?

“...I knew something was wrong, and with Morpheus missing, I didn’t try to figure it out. I’m sorry.” She was disappointed with herself and ashamed to admit that she had let herself live in a deeper illusion then she was forced to. She only hoped that he would wouldn't just turn and walk away.
Neo: Trinityneo_thematrix on August 10th, 2006 11:21 pm (UTC)
Trinity's fingers felt cold against Neo's skin, as if she was truly worried, even scared.

"Trinity," he gently replied, "I won't just turn and walk away: you know that."

He took her bare hand between his own to warm it up but also to make her feel his presence again.

"I had been warned. I had been warned that there could be someone else impersonating me. I should have known that there was a chance you had come in contact with him and that showing up at your doorstep would cause you distress.

And this new Matrix is so different, Trinity, you probably didn't know who to trust, and whether to even trust your own senses, your own instinct. I missed you too much and didn't think twice before rushing up to you."

He briefly paused and waited for her eyes to deeply look into his again before moving her hand up onto his chest, over his heart.

"You felt it, Trinity. You felt that it was really me when I joined you in the basement of that building earlier tonight. And when you had that foreboding feeling shortly afterwards."

His own heart was beating faster now, and she could probably feel it through his trench coat.

"We were meant for each other, and even death could not tear us apart."
Trinity: together/Mobil Avenuetrinity_matrix3 on August 11th, 2006 05:30 am (UTC)
It was as if he was able to sense what she was feeling and thinking. A sigh escaped her lips as she let go of the tense breath that she was holding. As his hands enveloped hers, Trinity gasped lightly at his touch. As her hand traveled over his pounding heart, she felt overwhelmed by a barrage of emotions that raced through her body.

She could feel his heartbeat. He was alive and with her. It meant that somehow, somewhere, he was alive in the real world. Her eyes gleamed with unspoken emotion as she was further drawn into his gaze.

“Neo,” she whispered under her breath as she fought not to be completely swept up in the moment. Her eyes closed and her head leaned forward a bit, as if to better marvel at the feeling of his heartbeat.

"I did."

She felt powerless to stop herself from moving toward him to close more of the space between them. The closer she got, the less empty she felt. Suddenly, she realized that without him she had been a shadow of her former self. Without him, she had merely survived and not lived these past few months.

“Death would have to do better then that,” she quipped bravely, wondering whether they had something far worse to worry about than death.

Her arms moved around to pull him into an embrace. "Just don't make it a point to keep proving it that way."
Neo: Trinityneo_thematrix on August 11th, 2006 09:17 am (UTC)
As Neo felt a tense burden lifting off Trinity's shoulders, he smiled at her last words. It was a warm, comforting smile.

"You are the reason I live, Trinity" he then said, half-whispering, as his right hand cupped her left cheek to guide her mouth to his.

Softly and without a sound, Neo pressed his lips against Trinity's. They were now alone in the world. Two beings communing to complement and perfect each other. They were the sum of all strength, of all courage. They were indestructible together and yet felt so weak and vulnerable when apart.

The sky can fall, Agents can rise, the night can come: there is nothing to stop me now that I am back by your side...
Trinity: soulmatestrinity_matrix3 on August 11th, 2006 09:02 pm (UTC)
Her lips rested on his as her arms pressed lightly on the back on his head. A surge of warmth ran through the her spine and into the base of her head like the elecrical current-like feeling did when she was downloading something. However, unlike that feeling which left her disoriented and in pain, Trinity felt blissful and at peace. The deepest hell wouldn't even seem bad now, as long as they were together.

They were one soul living in two bodies that tried to reconnect.

Breaking away, she smiled warmthly into his dark eyes.

I'm not going to make the same mistake of not telling him what what he means to me until it is too late. Better to say it in the beginning then wait for the end.

"I love you." The intensity of that love used to scare her sometimes, but more often it moved them to accomplish seemingly impossible things.
Neo: Trinityneo_thematrix on August 11th, 2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
The blissfulness that resulted from their kiss remained with Neo even after their lips had parted. And when her soft voice gently broke the silence, Neo felt as if his blood was turning into magma, as if the pain, fatigue and injuries of the last few days had vanished, as if he had the strength to take on Agent Smith and his millions of clones.

Looking deep in her eyes, Neo gently cupped her head in his two hands as he would hold a precious gem or a royal crown.

"I love you Trinity," he then replied, so overwhelmed by the intensity of their mutual feeling that he didn't notice the two mugs behind him starting to slightly levitate above the counter, as did the two chairs behind Trinity and the empty flower vase.
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short_green_tieshort_green_tie on August 15th, 2006 05:33 am (UTC)
When they had arrived in his quarters, Morpheus had used the last of his strength and taken the time to carry Molly Hayes into a spare room and lie her down on one of the cots in there. There were several, and he watched wordlessly as Trinity did the same for Karolina Dean. The two youths were very tired from their battle and would rest deeply for quite a while. It was much deserved rest, as they had fought in a battle that was not theirs. Morpheus realized that he had done Karolina wrong by attempting to force freedom on her and a part in this never-ending war. The Architect had told him that he was to free those that wanted to be free...not those that he deemed should want to be free. His guilt weighed him down as much as his injuries did. In this respect, he knew that he was still very much human. Such a mistake would not have been made by a Machine. Still, there was very little solace in that as he thought to himself that perhaps Cypher was right; perhaps he was a self-centered and dangerous fool to bring others into this quagmire.

Trinity went her own way and so did he. He knew that she was very practically searching for medical supplies just as he knew she would find very little. He was every bit as practical as she was, but he did not have much in the way of money here and no operator to create stuff for him. His practicality and lack of money showed in the fact that instead of multiple beds, he merely had cots in the spare room. They were cheap and many could be set up in there.

He trudged heavily into the living room and laid himself on the couch, finally allowing weakness to overcome him. Smith had really taken a lot out of him both with the initial hacking setup and the ensuing fight. It was amazing that he had made it this far, but it had been on will alone and he had a very strong will. Now he needed rest and medical attention. Trinity would see to the latter as soon as she spent the necessary time re-acquainting herself with the true Neo. It was up to him to take care of the former.

For a long while, he lay on the couch drifting in and out of a fitful and somewhat feverish slumber. He had chosen the couch instead of his bed out of post-battle paranoia. Here he could be the first line of defense if need be if Smith and his entourage somehow found them. Also, he was still afraid to truly sleep. Even though the Architect defined itself as a friend now, he hardly wanted to meet the program again or any other which might draw him to it as he 'slept'. Morpheus simply could not allow himself to sleep well with all of these concerns running through his mind.

...And yet Trinity's cool towel on his clammy forehead startled him awake from sleep that he did not even mean to happen. He smiled wearily as she implored him to take care of Neo.

"I always have, Trinity, and I always will. Go, and watch out for fangs..."

The last was a half mumble. As Neo entered the room, he had to snap his mind from the sleepiness that it began drifting into even mid-conversation with Trinity. If Neo had anything that he wanted to talk about, Morpheus wanted to be aware enough to talk.

Neoneo_thematrix on August 15th, 2006 08:00 am (UTC)
Discarding his trench coat into a corner fo the living room, Neo rushed to the small and worn couch on which Morpheus was lying. Neo was really glad to see his friend and ally again. When Trinity and him flew to Machine City aboard the Logos, Neo knew that the chance of seeing Morpheus again was close to nil. But the hope of seeing him, of seeing Trinity, of seeing Zio again is probably was prevented him from dying when the machines used him as a conduit to eliminate Smith.

Smith was back, but so was Neo. And as he kneeled down beside the couch while looking at Morpheus, exhausted and in pain, Neo could only think of one thing: Agent Smith would have to pay for this.

Neo wanted to give a warm hug to his comrade but refrained himself from it: Morpheus seemed to need rest and to be left alone. But he wanted to see him, even briefly, just to tell him that he was alive, that he had not died in Machine City, that he was back. For some reasons, though, Neo had the impression that Morpheus was not surprised to see him, as if he had known already that he had not died on the day the truce began.

Morpheus had opened his eyes as Neo had approached but it was out of an effort that Neo didn't want to impose on him, at least not for too long. Gently resting his hand on the armrest of the couch to be close to Morpheus so he would not have to move his head to see Neo, or talk any louder than necessary to be heard by him, Neo half-whispered to Morpheus:

"Morpheus. It's me, Neo. I came back. I came back from Machine City," he started, before pausing for a moment. "It is damn good to see you again, Morpheus!"
short_green_tieshort_green_tie on August 17th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC)
Morpheus gave a low chuckle at Neo's words. "I know it's you, Neo. I've known for a long time."

He looked at Neo. Neo was their constant in a world of change. Both the real and the digitally manufactured world had changed a great deal since he last saw Neo, and yet Neo was here and exactly the same, albeit with the addition of some new abilities that he was exploring. Although the One was the remainder in the equation, he was eternally the constant. This was something that they needed now more than ever in this new Matrix with it's new rules and he and Trinity's new roles.

"It is good to see you again as well. It would appear that once again you have helped to save my life and I thank you for it."

For a few moments he went quiet, and then he spoke again in a softer voice. "I knew you weren't dead when the Machine's refused to give us your body. I searched for you for so long..."

Solemn. "I died for you."
Neoneo_thematrix on August 17th, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
"Morpheus, no..." Neo replied to Morpheus' last words.

He didn't even want to think about what Morpheus might have gone through to try and find him after he had left for Machine City and didn't return. Neo could not bear the thought of endangering the life and well-being of his friends, even if for a greater good, and Seraph's words were a painful reminder that Neo's return to the Matrix world could in itself expose his friends to yet other perils.

"It was my choice to go to Machine City. And I knew it could very well be a one-way ticket."

His eyes looked sad as he remembered the unbearable pain he felt as Trinity's life slipped out of her body after the Logos' crash.

"But what matters now is that Trinity, you and I are alive and back together," he continued with an uncertain tone, scared of asking Morpheus what he meant by saying that he had died for Neo. "And you should get some rest, heal your wounds. I will watch over you and our two other friends. When Trinity comes back, we'll have some supplies to help you with the pain."

Neo then stood up, not wanting to keep Morpheus from resting properly. He would watch over them, help Trinity out, and monitor the Matrix. He didn't need to sleep, eat or drink, but as he looked down at Morpheus, he wondered whether he would also start feeling those needs if he stayed any longer inside the Matrix.

I felt strange to be back with his friends again, in similar and yet so different circumstances. Strange but good.
short_green_tieshort_green_tie on August 18th, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)
"I know. It was your role..what you were meant to do..even the Machines couldn't take that from you even as they tried to fit you into their preset role..."

Morpheus was trailing off every now and then as his eyelids grew heavier. He knew this, but when he had something to say, he had to say it. It was how he had always been, and his weakened state couldn't stop him from that.

"They wouldn't give your body...back..."

He was asleep before Neo had fully stood up. His body started healing, being aided by the Oracle program repairing itself.
Neoneo_thematrix on August 18th, 2006 09:57 am (UTC)
Neo looked at Morpheus drifting into an apparently peaceful sleep. His words echoed in Neo's head. Morpheus still had the clarity of vision and the wisdom that had built his reputation, his legend. But there was something else, something more in Morpheus' few words, like a second layer of meaning, that left Neo with the feeling that his friend seemed to know more about Neo's situation than he would have expected.

The machines wouldn't give my body back to the people of Zion... I wonder what was their reaction. The machines probably didn't tell them that I was still alive, and preferred to keep me with them so that I could serve a new purpose. Their purpose...

With each reflection he had over this issue, he grew more and more convinced that he has been manipulated into coming back into the Matrix to help defend it against anomalies and instability. He had clearly seen the benefits this could have for Zion, for Trinity, for himself, but again, this choice the machines had given him had not truly been a real choice.

Neo then looked around him, at the apartment they were in, at the items lingering around and attesting of a prolonged stay within this artifical world.

What happened? What happened during all these months I spent unconscious in Machine City? How could it be allowed for Trinity to be held against her will? And you, my friend, are you stuck in here as well, living a life that we had chosen to escape from?

Neo turned off the lights, as he didn't need any light to see his surroundings through the Matrix code. The faint glow of a neon sign outside filtered through the window blinds as Neo slowly scanned the entire apartment with a circular movement of his head. The two young ladies were sleeping tightly on small cots while Morpheus had fallen asleep on the couch, apparently not bothered by his pain anymore. The place was now very quiet, and Neo crouched down in a lotus position in the very middle of the living room, his eyes closed.

Neo would be their guardian for the night, allowing them to rest peacefully without worry. He would let Trinity in and would also watch over her as she slept, since she seemed in serious need of rest as well. But as Neo read as much of the code as he could, intercepting police radio communications, reading traffic movement, seeing people come and go, he realised how precarious their situation was, hiding in a simple apartment, with no operator to contact for an exit, no easy access to weapons or vehicles, no safe haven or protection.

How long will it be before we have to run again?
Neoneo_thematrix on August 19th, 2006 10:14 pm (UTC)
A flash.

A glint somewhere. Neo was carefully monitoring the Matrix code when he could have sworn that he saw the code of Agent Smith. But it wasn't him. Frowning while still sitting in the dark, in the middle of the living room, Neo concentrated on the code of the immediate neighbourhood. Searching the structures, the roads, the people, the vehicles, the buildings, reading, analysing, interpreting. Then he found it.

Shit! What is that?

Close to Trinity's location, a strange entity like he had never seen before had appeared, casually blending in the small group of customers at the local convenience store. It didn't behave aggressively, but Neo could sense that his strength was of a magnitude he had never witnessed.

Trinity, please be careful...

Neo had not finished his thought that one of the bluepills dropped on the floor suddenly, seconds before three Agents materialised in the store.


Raging inside to have let Trinity venture alone outside while they were in such a precarious situation of not having any operator or safety net, Neo stood up and ran out of the living room. Moving at great speed, he entered the office room and grabbed two pistols and a cell phone he had noticed before on the desktop.

The Agents of this new Matrix were designed to fight anomalies which threatened the stability of the programme, and not to hunt down any redpill they could find, like in the previous Matrix. However, Trinity seemed to have been labelled as an anomaly -- justifiably or not -- by these new Agents, and Neo was therefore fearing for her safety. And with this strange and powerful entity in the same room than Trinity and three Agents, it could turn ugly very quickly.

As he rushed towards the kitchen's window which he then opened, Neo looked back at the apartment he was abandoning. He hoped he would not have to be gone for too long -- he hated having to leave his post. Hopefully would his acute ability to read the Matrix allow him to monitor any threat which could endanger his friends as they rested.

As he slid his two pistols into his shoulder holsters, which were clearly showing since he didn't put anything else on top of his dark grey t-shirt, Neo let himself fall through the open window and almost immediately started to fly at maximum speed towards the store.
Neoneo_thematrix on August 19th, 2006 10:14 pm (UTC)
As he landed on the store's roof, Neo could hear the loud commotion inside the building, as people screamed and apparently ran for their lives. But when Neo jumped down onto the sidewalk and in front of the store, landing on broken glass, he immediately saw that the Agents, Trinity and the mysterious entity were already gone.


Customers rushed towards the exit and bumped into Neo as the siren of an ambulance could be heard just one block away. It would not be of any good use: the only four people remaining inside the wrecked store were definitely dead. The immediate area was deserted but some curious eyes were peeking through nearby window blinds. His teeth clenched, Neo looked right, then left, scanning the Matrix in both directions, searching for Trinity.

Before the ambulance reached the store, Neo had started running in the direction of a hint, a faint clue he thought he had sensed towards 14th Street. As he rushed in that direction, his guts feeling got confirmed when he saw, 50 metres ahead of him, the mysterious anomaly, in the form of a rather young man dressed in dark clothes. Neo stopped and, peeking around the corner wall of a nearby building, he saw the man standing beside a door that he seemed to have just closed, before turning around and leave.

Where the heck is Trinity?!

After the young man had left, Neo rushed to the door and opened it. Nothing. He stood in front of a dusty storage room with empty boxes and old pieces of wood. A dead end. But if Trinity had indeed gone in that direction and vanished as she reached that door, it could only mean one thing:

She took an exit door... But where to? Is she safe?
Trinity: phone calltrinity_matrix3 on August 19th, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
Hell. She looked around the bare apartment and sighed. To say that she was slightly annoyed was an understatement. It felt like starting over again.

Get over it, she told herself roughly. Trinity walked over to the window and peered out. As stubborn as she was, she'd probably end up going out again and finding medical supplies for Morpheus. Her mind wandered to the anomaly she had run into.

He could have been trouble.

It was time to call the others. Seraph would be there soon but she figured she tell them to move quickly. Picking up her cellphone, she dailed Morpheus' number.

Neo: Callneo_thematrix on August 19th, 2006 11:21 pm (UTC)
Neo closed the door and turned around to lean against it. If Trinity had indeed taken an exit door, it hopefully meant that she had moved to another location where she would probably be safe. But for how long? And what is she had not gone through an exit door?

The only way to find her was to search the Matrix code again, thoroughly. It would take time and Neo felt restless: he needed to know where she was. He also felt frustrated not to have stayed with her, to be without her again, not to know how she was.

"Trinity, please tell me you're safe," Neo whispered for himself.

At the same moment, the cell phone Neo had grabbed earlier started vibrating in his back pocket. Reaching for it, he immediately flipped it open.

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Karolina: Haloburningpainting on August 17th, 2006 03:36 pm (UTC)
Tiny Time Warp
Karolina dropped deep into true unconsciousness the moment Trinity lowered her to the cot. She wasn't even aware that it was a cot; any horizontal surface would have sufficed. She curled up on her side and slept like the dead, without any concern for her or Molly's safety. After all, the Matrix-folk were much more paranoid than she. If this bolt hole weren't secure, they probably wouldn't be here in the first place.

She dreamt of Xavin, her wife (and sometime husband), left to maintain the fragile peace between their people. Her dreams recalled the times they'd walked together through the private gardens of their estate, enjoying a quiet moment between hearings. The grounds were more spectacular than anything on Earth; her home world of Majesdane was located within spitting distance of a white dwarf, tucked away in the star's corona. Everything on the planet, from the flora to the fauna, was luminscent. Plants glowed with an inner light that clearly defined every vein in every leaf, and the water from the magnifacent fountains showered droplets like liquid sparks. Majesdane had been a peaceful planet until the Skrull invasion, spending eons developing art, architecture and culture. Once they'd joined the two warring races together, Karolina and Xavin had opted to make their home there, because frankly it was the more attractive place to live. There was nothing aesthetic about Skrullos IV. If not for Xavin, Karolina might have said that there was no poetry in the Skrull soul, nothing but warfare and the hard practicality that went with it.

But Xavin was different. Their wedding had been arranged, but they truly loved each other. Karolina never would have gone along with it otherwise. How could they create peace if their marriage was nothing but a figurehead? In her dream they were sitting beneath one of the fountains, leaning against the pond's retaining wall. Xavin laughed and dangled a hand in the water, the other brushing through Karolina's hair.

"When I come out here by myself," she was saying, "I half expect to find you forming from the fountain. Who could tell? You shine the same. Light like water."

Karolina smiled in return. "Back on Earth we have myths about girls made of water. They're called nymphs. Or were they nyads?"

"Is that what you are then?" her wife chuckled, leaning in for a kiss.

"I don't really know what I am." Karolina murmured as their foreheads touched.

She came to with a hard knot in her throat and a lead weight in her gut. She knew she'd be lonely when she left Majesdane, but she hadn't expected it to be this bad. She felt very small, cold and isolated, a feeling the sunlight streaming through the window did little to help. At least her body no longer felt physically weighed down by exhaustion. She must have been sleeping in the sunbeam long enough to recharge at least halfway. A few more hours and a cup of coffee should finish the job.

Karolina ruthlessly shoved her bad mood away and pushed herself upright. There was no sense in moping and no time to feel lonely. The events of the previous night crashed down on her like a tidal wave; it was likely that she and Molly were wanted criminals again, being pursued by much worse than just cops. There were-honest-to God Agents involved in the mess. What that meant to reality she simply wasn't equipped to consider. Instead she looked around for Molly, finding the girl peacefully sawing logs to her left. Reassured that everything she could influence was right with the world, Karolina got up, donned her inhibitor bracelet and ventured down the hall in search of food and/or coffee.
Neoneo_thematrix on August 20th, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
Neo had lost track of time while closely monitoring the Matrix code. Agents had been relentlessly scoping the area but it seemed that the anomaly they were looking for didn't have an easily recognisable signature, otherwise they would have found him already. One of the communications Neo interecepted led him to believe that Trinity had stopped being a priority target, as the Agents had apparently concluded that she had vanished through a back door exit, which meant that she could be virtually anywhere and nowhere.

Two or three times did Neo think that their security was compromised and that they would have to rush out, but each time, at the last moment, the scouting Agent stopped approaching the apartment building and started moving in another direction. They were being lucky -- or watched over by some guardian angel...

The sun had already been up for some time when Neo saw, through the Matrix code, that the Lady of Light had just gotten up. He opened his eyes and immediately stood up. Putting his boots back on and picking the shoulder holster and cell phone up from the floor, Neo then walked out of the living room and immediately stumbled upon the young woman in the corridor.

"Good morning," he said, slightly embarassed not to have introduced himself properly before. "I am Neo."
Karolina: human - quick turnburningpainting on August 21st, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
Karolina had made a pitstop in the bathroom to wash her face. She stuck her tongue out at her reflection in the mirror, extremely unhappy with the sunken cheeks and eyes that stared back at her. She'd never had to push herself so hard after dark before; her role in the Skrull/Majesdane war had been limited to more diplomatic posts. The few times she'd taken to the field had been during full daylight, to play up her strengths and make it easy to recoup losses.

She sighed and raked her fingers through her hair, grimacing at herself. Very little of the Matrix movies had taken place during actual sunlight. She'd better take to basking every chance she had, so long as those Agents had her and Molly in their sights.

Emerging from the bathroom, she nearly collided with Neo as he stepped into the hallway. She jumped back a step, startled by the fully-armed getup. Had something happened?

Instead of alerting her to any new developments, he simply said, "Good morning, I am Neo."

"Yeah, I know," Karolina smiled, relaxing. It was so hard not to add 'I loved you in Much Ado About Nothing.' So very hard, especially since she'd actually met Keanu Reeves once. Her parents had both been acclaimed actors and had attended their share of awards ceremonies. The actual Keanu hadn't had much more time or attention to do more than shake her hand distractedly. To be honest, she kind of preferred Neo. He was much more polite, and she got the feeling that when he looked at you, he looked. "I don't suppose you're hungry? I was going to scrounge up some breakfast," she glanced quickly at her watch and corrected herself, "or rather, some brunch."
Neoneo_thematrix on August 21st, 2006 04:12 pm (UTC)
Neo had refrained from jumping into the bad news in his first sentence but when he heard the Lady of Light talk about the need to eat, he thought it was time for his second sentence.

"We need to leave now."

Thirty minutes earlier, Neo had noticed that Agents had located his signature code within the Matrix. They also realised that Trinity was not in his vicinity and therefore only dispatched a few Agents who, if they had not encountered a serious anomalous entity on their way to the apartment building, would have arrived a long time ago. But now that the situation seemed to have been resolved, Neo and his friends had very little time.

Shortly after the Agents had succeeded in locating Neo, Seraph called him on the cell phone. Trying to remain as discreet and covert as possible, Seraph mentioned that it would take him close to half an hour before he could safely show up at Morpheus' apartment. Hopefully wouldn't he be late...

Feeling sorry to be rushing the woman like that, he nevertheless didn't have the time for lengthy explanations. He put the shoulder holster back on, with the two pistols in it, and started walking towards the room where the Child of Steel was still sleeping.

"It is unfortunately not safe here anymore," he continued, addressing the woman as he walked away. "We'll need to wake your friend up as well."
Karolina: Sunlightburningpainting on August 21st, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)
Well, so much for relaxing. The muscles in Karolina's neck and shoulders tensed so suddenly she felt an all-over cramp coming on.

"What do you mean, we need to leave?" she demanded, hurrying after him. "Where exactly do you plan on running to next, if it isn't safe here?"

At nearly six feet tall, she had the legs to easily overtake him. While she might want some answers and directions, she was adept at getting them on the run, and recognized that Molly needed to be woken. She stepped past Neo and went to her knees by Molly's cot. If the girl found herself shaken awake by a stranger, she might not hesitate to break their face in her groggy state.

"Molly," she crooned, gently taking the girl's shoulder to give her a little shake. "Come on sweetie, we're going on a road trip."
Molly Hayescute_hats on August 22nd, 2006 07:18 am (UTC)
If anyone (thought) she needed recharging more than Karolina after the fight, it was Molly. No matter how long Karolina had slept, Molly would have slept longer. There were morning people and there were night people and then there were sleep people. Molly was this latter. Even though Karolina had been very tired, she was still more of a morning person and she arose sooner than Molly.

While Karolina's dreams involved Xavin, Molly's involved playing with a stuffed pink bunny rabbit that her parents had given her one year for Easter. They'd never really been the religious sort, but they made sure Molly got all of the holidays. She'd loved that pink bunny rabbit, too. It had been her constant companion for several years when she was little. Molly had carried it around to school, dinner, and bed.

Yet now it was trying to wake her up, and that just wasn't cool. It kept shaking her shoulder, and she totally did not want to get out of bed...not even for a pink bunny rabbit! It was comfy here on her..on her..

..cot? Molly realized that it wasn't a pink bunny rabbit shaking her shoulder; it was Karolina. She grumbled and curled away from the girl, pulling her blanket tighter around her.

"Dun wanna go on a road trip. Wanna sleep." Her voice was groggy and barely understandable. "Lemme 'lone."
Neoneo_thematrix on August 22nd, 2006 07:43 am (UTC)
Neo made way for the woman who, apparently, thought it was a better idea for her to take care of waking the child up. Calling the Child of Steel by her name -- Molly -- the Lady of Light seemed not to achieve immediate results.

"I do apologise for this," he then said, vaguely addressing both of them. "I can carry her if need be, but we need to go."

Turning around, Neo walked straight back to the living room: Morpheus needed to be alerted, and they all needed to get ready for when Seraph would finally show up. He simply hoped that Morpheus had had the time to recuperate.
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