24 July 2006 @ 12:04 am
Not all women like to shop ;-) (Open)
She made her way to the convenience store for some provisions. They needed bandages and another first aid kit. The other lasted for about three hours before it ran out of all the essentials. She needed to take, no, buy water and some food for the others. Walking down the aisle, she cocked a brow as she looked at the sheer variety of soup, cereals and ready-made meals. Who the hell cared what they ate? As long as it did not taste like Tasty Wheat, chicken or synthetic protein they would be fine. Did people really think this was important? No wonder their minds were not ready to be freed, they were too occupied with trying to figure out what damn cereal to buy.

Trinity walked down the aisle to the section marked ‘health care’ and began piling bandages, Band-Aids, painkillers, iodine and antiseptic spray into the basket. Customers threw the dark-haired women wearing sunglasses and torn PVC odd looks as the basket overflowed with medical supplies, but she pretended not to see them.

Her shiny latex boots made a swishing noise against the cheap vinyl floor as she turned and marched toward the registers only to stop dead in her tracks. Did the code just flicker? Looking around she scanned the store. Nothing. Increasing her gait, Trinity swallowed hard as she continued to move toward the bored-looking cashier without regard to those around her or the people already waiting in line.
Deacon Frost_vampiregod_ on July 25th, 2006 05:37 am (UTC)
It was the next night after his tower had fallen and he was still fucking pissed. He had been stalking around his condo suite making Pepper more than a little nervous at his ire. Usually he could just go out and take care of the source of his problems and thus he never got too bent out of shape about anything. But fuck, the fucker that was fucking with him now was keeping an impossibly low profile. He wished the little chickenshit would just come out and settle his gripe with Frost in person. Jesus fucking Christ.

Pepper had felt a sudden craving for chocolate and he had had none in the condo. Apparently they'd run out and neither one of them had replaced it. She was in no condition to go out and he wouldn't have let her go anyway. Not when there this little 9/11 inspired weasel was still out there unmutilated by Frost's hand. So here he was, in the convenience store down the street looking for decent chocolate. Hey, if it made her feel better he was all for it. The whole experience had really shaken her and she hadn't drifted more than five feet from him the entire time they'd been home. It had been a stretch to allow him to go out for comfort food, but such was the power of the stuff over mortals he guessed.

As he grabbed some candy bars, he looked up and saw a lady in shiny torn up leather grabbing medical supplies like the end of the fucking world was nigh. Jesus. New York crazies.

"I thought nurses wore white." He snorted in bemusement as he addressed her, unable to bite back the smartass.
Trinity: Not amusedtrinity_matrix3 on July 25th, 2006 07:46 am (UTC)
The sound of his voice behind her made her cringe in alarm as her hand slightly rose up to her sidearm hidden in her coat.

Relax Trinity. Her nerves felt a little frayed and her disposition was far from being sunny and friendly. Sighing and slightly annoyed at the snarky comment, she turned to give him her best stone-walled expression. The corners of her mouth turned down a little to show her displeasure of being addressed. As she got a good look at him, her mouth dropped down ever further.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding,” she said under her breath. Another anomaly.

His code nearly knocked her on her ass but her face remained calm and reserved. Not many anomalies surprised her anymore but there was something she didn’t like about this one. Tilting her head to the side, she peered cautiously at his face as she read him. He read partially like that women she had met…like that blue goddess that said that she had trampled on the wasteland of her world and not looked back. What was her name? Illyria? But there was something else in the code as well, something added on earlier. Something that reminded her of…


“Interesting,” she said flatly, before she turned again to cut into the line at the register. Although she was damn curious to know what he was exactly, Trinity didn’t have time for chit-chat.
Deacon Frost: Fun_vampiregod_ on July 25th, 2006 07:43 pm (UTC)
Deacon got into line right behind her, having finished his chocolate run for the night. What he had in his hands would have to do. Seriously though, with the variety of junk food in his arms...Snickers bars, 3 Muskateers, Baby Ruth, a bag of Hershey's minis for flavor, and some other of these would have to hit the spot.

"No, actually. I'm not."

He eyed the bunch of medical supplies and the torn up PVC. She reminded him of somebody. Black leather fetish, no sense of humor, poised to kick ass, and in need of medical supplies on a daily basis. Huh.

"Did your little make-believe vampire hunting roleplay go bad or something? Gotta watch out for those roleplayers." He tapped the side of his head. "A little fucked in the head, if you know what I mean. Were you the vampire?" He nodded to her sunglasses, which she wore even though it was night time.
Trinity: Shadowstrinity_matrix3 on July 26th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC)
He was completely fucking with her and if she wasn't in a bad mood maybe she would have tried to crack a small smile at his remarks which were funny...maybe. However, as it was now, she was slightly irritated after having what was the longest night since...well, okay, not too long ago but that was beside the point.

"Funny," she began slowly under her breath, "that you should mention vampires."

This was definitely New York. Trinity wondered for a second why all the weirdo’s only spoke to her. The again, maybe she was the weirdo. She turned around eyeing the candy and peered into his eyes through the top of her sunglasses.

"I see that your pms'ing. Good to know. I think that you are going to need another bag of chocolate." Before she could say anything else, a loud annoying voice boomed out behind them.

"HEY! What the hell do you think you are doing! We have been standing here forever and you two just cut the line. Get to the back!"

She cocked an eyebrow and ignored the women with the shrill nasal voice.
Deacon Frost: Cool_vampiregod_ on July 26th, 2006 05:22 am (UTC)
Frost's voice went dangerous as he responded to her first comment, not even bothering with the rest. "Is it now? It sounds like somebody is letting on that she knows more than she ought to. I'd be careful with that. The enlightened ones are usually the first to get killed in this world."

Without taking his eyes from hers, he caused the woman's blood to just stop inside her heart. She clutched her chest and went down in a massive heart attack, twitching on the floor a little and then dying. Honestly, he had no time or patience for annoyances like her tonight.

"Now that was pms'ing. Cleanup on aisle seven."
Trinity: Shadowstrinity_matrix3 on July 26th, 2006 03:07 pm (UTC)
Goddamnit. Trinity watched transfixed as the women hit the floor, her code changed and hacked by what she now knew was a malicious anomaly. The woman’s eyes gap open and stare blankly at the ceiling as she lies on her back.

He hacked her. He changed her from the inside.Too damn close for comfort because it reminded her of Smith. Great. It was then it hit her…hard. He had just altered a human; he was an anomaly himself and Trinity was around. Agents might materialize.

That knowledge pissed her off. Dropping the basket on the register, she pushed her long vinyl jacket away from her thigh to reveal the weapon holster that held a knife and gun.

“They do have Midol for mood swings like yours.” She said tightly. Her eyes scanned the store before they settled back on him.

The enlightened ones are usually the first to get killed in this world.
She raised a brow as he indirectly threatened her. He had a point and was probably unaware of how right he was. The tension grew around them as she continued to hold his gaze. Trinity wasn't backing down but she sure-as-hell knew that she didn't want to provoke him either.

People rushed to the woman’s aid, kneeling beside her to feel for a pulse that was not there. "She’s not breathing!"

Trinity gazed at the dead women and then back at Deacon, throwing him a disgruntled look. Turning on her heel, she made her way through the now empty line, and dumped her stuff into a large shopping bag. She was not staying here a moment longer. An ambulance siren could be heard in the distance. That was her cue to leave. Taking the bag, she did not even think twice as she headed towards the door without paying for the items.
Deacon Frost: Zen_vampiregod_ on July 27th, 2006 06:12 am (UTC)
Deacon chuckled at her back as she stormed away and decided to take a five finger discount. He hadn't shown any moodswings besides killing the woman, and that wasn't even really a moodswing. Frost was always vicious when people annoyed him. Of course, there was no way she could know that he was the cause of that little 'emergency' anyway.

"What's the rush?" He asked this in bemusement as she shoved past him, apparently intent on getting away from the whole scene.

Suddenly he spasmed. It was the weirdest fucking feeling, like he was two people at once. Sunglasses appeared on his face and an earpiece in his ear. However, he instinctively threw it off, overcame whatever the weird almost possessed feeling was. The sunglasses and earpiece remained, though. Deacon felt like an idiot wearing the cheap blocky pieces of shit normally reserved for FBI agents in cheesy movies.

"The fuck?" He ripped them off and stared at them as he began to hear voices in the earpiece.

"An anomaly has been detected in sector 53249-3. Proceed immediately to the scene and investigate Agent Brown. One of the rebels from WT7 might be there."

"I tried. The download failed."


"The download to a shell failed. I am rerouting."


"I don't know. The human's programming repelled me like a firewall."

"They do not have such technology."

"I know."

"There may be more than one anomaly. Agents Johnson and Jones, proceed to the scene as backup for Brown. Brown, report on the coordinates of the failed download so the mistake does not happen again."

"Processing...the coordinates are 349-35-9833. Human shell identified as Deacon Frost."


"Processing...Deacon Frost, born 2458, deceased 2484. Cause of death in Matrix: murder."

"How is he there?"

"He must be the anomaly. However, human eyes are also reading a visual on Trinity."

"Proceed to the scene immediately. Trinity is the primary target. Subdue the Frost anomaly as you are able."

Frost listened to the whole conversation with a puzzled frown. However, his sense of time told him that it all happened in less than three seconds; he only picked it up because his sense of hearing was far more sensitive than a humans. Even as he pulled the earbud from his ear, he saw one of the people kneeling by the woman shimmer out of focus like a bad tape and be replaced by a real FBI agent from a cheesy movie. Then a shot rang out over his shoulder and threw up splinters from the doorframe were kicked up next to PVC woman's head. As he jerked his head around, he saw that where the cashier had been stood another agent in a suit with gun drawn. Finally, even as Trinity reached the door it was opened by yet another guy in a suit and bad sunglasses.

"Jesus Christ. What the fuck is this?"
Trinity: surprisedtrinity_matrix3 on July 30th, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
Trinity’s neck nearly snapped as she whipped around, her eyes falling on the sunglasses that Deacon was holding. She did not reply because the look on her face said it all. Trinity slide her own sunglasses up onto her head. Her ice-cold blue eyes traveled up to meet his. They both looked confused for different reasons.

What the hell is happening? He did not turn into an Agent. Why?

She swallowed hard, wondering if it was because he had already been…hacked? The splintering frame next to her head shook her out of her thoughts. Instinctively, she pulled out the gun from her holster and returned fire in the direction that the bullet came from.

Agents. Trinity was about to reach for another gun hidden in the waistband of her vinyl pants but someone caught her wrist and jerked it up so forcibly that she heard a slight popping sound. The air swept around her as she flew sideways into the store window. The glass groaned as it cracked into an array of long spider webs before it sprayed out onto the street. Trinity was running on instinct, reacting to forces she knew very well. Grabbing a long jagged piece of glass, she held it tightly before quickly swooping down onto the approaching Agent’s foot. The blood and sinew squished around the glass as it plunged through the soft leather shoe and lodged itself deep into the Agents foot. He barely reacted, but froze in his tracks. That was exactly what Trinity was hoping would happen. She was close enough now. As he reached down to grab her, she lifted the gun and shot directly into his face.

“Don't touch me.”

The Agent dropped down and convulsed as his shell wavered in and out. A dead deliveryman was on the ground.

Trinity looked towards Deacon. She could not read the expression on his face but…did he looked almost amused? No. That had to be wrong. She narrowed her eyes as she spotted the other Agents.

“They will kill you. They know.” She stated matter-of-factedly. She had no idea what they knew about him and had no way of knowing that Deacon had heard their conversation. However, she was vague on purpose. Trinity hoped to turn him against them. Something slide down her fingers. Looking down she noticed blood trickling down the side of her gun from the hand that had held the glass.

Annoying.She thought briefly as the Agent at the register and her both drew their weapons at each other. It meant that Deacon, if he didn't move, would be caught in the crossfire.
Deacon Frost: Cool_vampiregod_ on August 1st, 2006 04:36 am (UTC)
"Yeah. I gathered." Deacon reached up and tapped the earpiece in his ear. "Guess you're 'Trinity'. And apparently, you're higher up on their list of priorities than I am."

Deacon glanced back at the Agent she was aiming at, who was also aiming at him. Honestly, he didn't give a shit if they both started pulling their triggers and fired right through him. He'd just watched their little spat with something akin to amusement. It was entertaining, especially considering that they both moved very much like vampires. They weren't vampires though; that much was pretty fucking obvious. Of course, the guys in the suits seemed to be better than her in the physical department, but she sure outdid them in brains. And looks too, for that matter.

"Well, now that we're all nice and acquainted, who the fuck are they anyway? Do you guys have names? Huh? Or should I just call you all Agent Smith or something? There's always an Agent Smith. Oh, I know. Which one of you is Mr. Pink?"

The one holding the gun on Trinity spoke, and Frost heard it both in the room and over the earpiece. "The anomaly does not know of the Matrix. Interesting."

Then that Agent fired right into Deacon, intending for it to go through him to hit Trinity, taking care of two problems at once. It didn't make it through his body, though. Deacon had a wry look on his face as he held up his hand and in a few moments, the bullet surfaced through a pool of blood in his palm. The blood immediately went back into his hand and healed over. He held it up between his thumb and forefinger, casually observing it.

"Now that wasn't very nice. In fact, it was pretty fucking rude. You aren't supposed to shoot people until you're properly introduced, big guy. And I'm not a fucking anomaly!"

He punctuated this last by flicking the bullet back at the Agent as fast as it had been shot at him. The Agent inhumanly dodged over to the side as it slammed into the cherry Icee machine behind him, shattering the glass and spilling red frozen beverage all over the floor and the back of the Agent's leg and shoe.

"Jesus Christ. I've got a name. You obviously know it. And seriously, what the hell was that? Do you have a fucking spine?

The Agent appeared unamused as he straightened up from his twisted to the side position and leveled his gun at Trinity through Deacon again. Deacon lit a cigarette and dragged on it.
Trinity: trinity/Cranetrinity_matrix3 on August 1st, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
“Agents. Sentient programs,” she replied shortly, without taking her eyes off the two Agents. Why not come out with it right away? He was a vampire. Would this be a big stretch of the imagination? It just might be.

She cringed slightly when he mentioned Agent Smith. Her eyes darted nervously around the shop.

“ Don’t say that name again.” No need to invoke the devil. She looked over at the other Agents, hoping that they did not have the bright idea to call for back up. A few moments later, shots range out. Trinity tensed, in a split second she had to choose whether to shoot back or dive out of the way. She reminded glued to her spot as Frost, unperturbed, produced the bullet in his hand.

Goddamnit. What the? When Frost threw the bullet at the Agent it was as if time slowed down, and she watched the events around her unfold in awe. This was bad; he was powerful. She scanned his code trying to find something that could explain what he was exactly. Trinity could see the code, she could read it, but it made no sense to her. Too much had been overwritten; too much changed, to get an understanding in the second she had.

“How’d you do that? I’ve never seen anyone do that before.” Except for Neo. He could do something like that. Suddenly, Trinity noticeably paled. This can’t be good.She had the urge to find out what he could do, so that she could inform the others.

Bad idea, Trinity. Even if he has a very small measure of the capabilities that Neo does, he would be dangerous.

Unlike Frost, she was not bulletproof. A bullet would not pass out of her as it just did from him, she knew that from first hand experience.

Flight or Fight?Trinity started to very slowly inch backwards toward the door as Frost lit up a cigarette.

“Are you having fun?” she hissed out sarcastically through clenched teeth.

This time, as the bullets rang out; she dove for the aisle while shooting at one of the Agents. Peering through the corner, she saw Frost still standing there with his damn cigarette. She continued to shoot at the Agent from different angles to compensate for his quick motions. Her shots missed as the agent weaved to the sides and into deep backbends. Straightening up, and readjusting his tie, he continued to walk toward her while shooting. Trinity waited until he was empty. The Agent approached her with a firm scowl set on his chiseled jaw. Jumping into the crane, she let loose a powerful kick directly into his midsection. With not as much as a whimper, the Agent silently flew into the metal shelf. Tostitos, Doritos and pretzel bags, careened toward him as the shelf tipped back and crashed onto the floor with a heavy thud. The Agent did not remain buried under the avalanche of snack food for long. Getting up with ease, he brushed the errant chips off his blocky shoulder and cracked his neck to the side as he looked back at Trinity.

“Only human.”

Trinity started shooting again as she made her way for the door.

The other Agent decided to busy himself with Frost. He continued to shoot: once, twice, emptying his entire cartridge before stopping. His gun clad arm slowly dropped down to his side as he reached for another clip in his holster.

“The anomaly is displaying marked discrepancies in his residual programming. Seeking authorization to elevate anomaly to higher threat level.”

While waiting for a reply, the Agent calmly re-holstered his weapon and speedily walked toward Frost, while pulling his fist back to gain velocity for his punch.
Deacon Frost: Smile Pretty_vampiregod_ on August 2nd, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)
"I'm guessing you've also never seen a god before, either." Frost smirked around his cigarette. "Sentient programs, huh? What is this, some kind of fucking video game?"

The Agent opened fire on Frost, sending bullet after bullet flying his way as he emptied his clip. Frost didn't bother to move as the bullets flew through him, leaving excessively bloody holes which immediately closed up. The row of cereal behind him was not so lucky, as this time he didn't bother to hold the bullets in him. With a casual air, Deacon watched as the Agent reloaded. It was a futile effort, but what the hell? At least the 'sentient program' was smart enough to not unload the next clip into him as well. Instead, it zipped towards him at a speed that would cause most to jerk back in surprise. Deacon just stood there and looked it dead in the eyes.

"Whoa there, buddy. Ever heard of a space bubble? You're violating mine."

The punch flew at him and he reached up and batted it aside. There was nothing graceful or martial arts-like about it. His hand just flew up and deflected the punch. The Agent's eyebrows raised over his sunglasses as he looked at Frost. Nobody except the One had ever done that.

"Pretty strong there, aintcha? I bet that would have hurt. Jesus. You know, there just might be something to that whole video game violence tirade. Not that I give a fuck. I'm a pretty violent kind of guy myself."

The Agent flew into a flurry of blows and kicks. Frost simply knocked each aside as easily as the last with a bemused look on his face. A few sent the Agent punching or kicking into random food parafernalia. They were making a mess. Finally, as Frost finished his cigarette and flicked it away, he allowed the last punch to slam into and through his stomach. It was reminiscent of his fight with Blade. Aw, he felt a little nostalgic. He looked down at the arm lodged in his stomach and back up at the Agent and grinned before shoving him off.

"Are you done yet? Good. Because honestly, I've just been fucking with you up until now." His grin widened. "My turn."

Frost zipped around the Agent, landing blow after blow to the Agent. Naturally, the program hardly registered the hits beyond the physical reactions of being knocked around that it couldn't avoid. Frost finished with a sweeping kick to trip the Agent and a massive downward punch to aid in the Agent's crash to the ground. The tile cracked and buckled around the body of the Agent. Before the suit could move, Frost was on top of it, his eyes blazing red in triumph. His head whipped down towards the Agent's throat and sank into it. He slurped up some of the blood and then was immediately back in a standing position over the Agent.

The Agent's hand whipped to the welling blood. "Programming is..corrupted. Anomaly Deacon Frost is a priority 1...threat."

"See, now you're catching on. Took long enough."
Trinity: Trappedtrinity_matrix3 on August 2nd, 2006 04:08 am (UTC)
She took in the scene with a sinking feeling. This was something she was not used to seeing. With wide eyes, she glanced at Frost sinking his fangs into the Agent's neck.

What the hell happens to an Agent or his shell when he is bitten? She didn't care to find out, though she suddenly wished that she had paid more attention to Persephone when she spoke to them about vampires and werewolves, instead of concentrating on which caliber weapon she would use if the bitch had moved any closer to Neo, as they walked down to the Merovingian's gritty dungeon for the Keymaker.

Programming is..corrupted. Still shooting at the other Agent, Trinity quickly moved to Deacon's side and glanced down to the Agent and back at Deacon, remembering what he said.

"A god? What...god?" Pressing her heavy boot on the Agents throat, she was surprised when she looked down at him. The Agent seemed to twist, spasm and change. However, whatever he was going through seemed different then the protocol that Agents usually go through when they switch. He if he was struggling with something. So odd was this occurrence that the other Agent stopped in mid-stride and looked on almost as puzzled.

The Agent on the ground thrashed and struggled to leave the shell. Trinity lowered her gun to the Agent's head. If he vacated, the human who he took over still had a chance at being alive. Trinity hesitated pulling the trigger not knowing whether she was about to kill an Agent, a human or something else.

"What the hell is happening to him?" Trinity looked at Frost and the blood dripping down his mouth. She wondered if he would really know. Her other gun clad arm was ready to fire at him if he decided that he had not had enough.

Suddenly, the Agent standing titled his head and placed his finger on his earpiece. Perhaps it was because Trinity knew that Agents rarely display any emotion, that she was so shocked to see the Agent grimace ever so slightly, as a flicker of quick surprise filtered through his face.

Corrupt Agent program. Delete sequence executed. Erase last copy.

The Agent looked tense, his jaw visibly clenched so tightly that Trinity thought that his teeth might splinter. Meeting her gaze very directly, he nodded towards the Agent on the floor.

"Shoot him. Before he initializes protocol."

Her mask cracked as Trinity looked at the Agent as if he had just grown three damn heads. Was he really talking to her?

"Now!" He growled.

Christ. Trinity scowled as she unloaded three shots of lead into the Agent on the floor. Whether the human coppertop would have survived was of no consequence to her, from the bleeding gash in the Agents throat, she seriously doubted it. At least, that was what she tried to convince herself. Hating to have followed a order from a Agent, Trinity rationalized that it was what she had to do. She did not know what happened when a vampire simply bit someone, but she could not take the chance of finding out. Judging from the Agent's expression, she gauged that she did the right thing. She hoped.

He could of ended up being like a Smith.

The blood of the dead cashier seeped onto the floor and flowed languidly toward her boot. Stepping back, she took both the Agent and Frost into the crosshairs of her guns. She knew that she could hold off the Agent, but from what she saw her bullets would do nothing against Frost, if he came after her. And she didn't want to figure out if she could stand a fight against him.

As the Agent rushed at Frost, Trinity turned and ran out the door. Pulling out her cell phone she pressed a number on speed dial.

"Trinity." His voice was concerned. It was not like she called him often to chat about the weather.
"I need a door. Right now."
"14th street, the door in the alleyway next to shop marked Funhouse."
"Anything closer?"
"Run, Trinity."

She pushed herself harder.
Deacon Frost: Cool_vampiregod_ on August 3rd, 2006 05:58 am (UTC)
Frost watched Trinity shoot the Agent on the ground with a sour look. Oh, he didn't stop her. He hardly cared what happened to the 'sentient program'. Actually, he was more disappointed because he had been looking forward to seeing what happened to him as much as she dreaded it. Hey, he was the fucking blood god, right? It was always good to expand his subject base to include all kinds, including fucking video games. He didn't discriminate. Frost was an equal opportunity kind of guy.

"Well fuck. That was disappointing."

Trinity had a gun on him, but he hardly reacted. His eyes were focussed on the blood seeping towards her boot. For the moment, he didn't take it even though it called to him. Besides, he'd apparently been bumped up to more important than kinky bondage girl. Fuck, anyone who wore that much PVC had to be some kind of bondage. The fact that it was all ripped up probably amped it up to BDSM. Too bad they'd gotten off on the wrong foot, really.

The Agent ran at him. On the earpiece, Frost heard orders being spit out rapid fire ordering all available agents to the area to deal with the 'anomaly' that just forced the deletion of an Agent program. Christ, he didn't have time for this bullshit. Pepper was probably already crawling up a wall without him there. She'd craved his presence more than usual lately.

"Look, this little romp in the 7-11 has been fun and all, but I've got to get going."

The cashier's blood swirled up in the air, twisting around the Agent rapidly as he ran and then lancing into this nostrils. It speared through his brain and out the other side of his head. The man fell to the ground, spasming and morphing back into the average 1am 7-11 shopper. Frost walked out. The sirens were closer. He glanced the way Trinity had gone, feeling out her blood that he had first sensed when she bled from the glass wound. Well, he had five minutes at least.

His movements were not even a blur as he zipped after her. She was heading for a door, so he positioned himself in front of it, bag of chocolates and all. His arms were folded in front of him and he looked smug.

"While I don't mind your running like a little bitch, I did want to touch base again with you before you disappeared. Just let you know I'd be in touch. I have no idea what the fuck just happened back there, and right now I've got my own problems to worry about, but I want to know. Eventually. Sentient programs? Jesus fucking Christ, lady." Frost shook his head in bewildered bemusement.

"I'm sure you're pretty good at staying underground. Most people with your distinct..." He waved a hand up and down at her appearance. " sense are. Believe me, I've known a few. You might think I can't find you when I want to, but think again. I find who I want to find, and besides...I've got help." He tapped his earpiece and gave her a fanged grin.

"Oh, where the fuck are my manners." He opened the door for her. "Catch you later."
Trinity: Shadowstrinity_matrix3 on August 3rd, 2006 06:34 pm (UTC)
The door was so close now. She was about to reach out for the handle with one hand when Frost suddenly materialized in front of it, at least that's what it looked like to her. Like a car that hit on the brakes too fast, she stopped short only a few inches away from him. Now he had a problem...Frost was in-between her and her way out. He was about to have a damn big problem if he did not move out of the way. She knew her bullets would not kill him, or even hurt him, but fired rapidly at close range she imagined that they might throw him off balance enough so that she could get through that door. She was about to say something, but pressed her lips closed tightly when he spoke...and continued speaking...and then went on some more.

She raised an eyebrow and sighed deeply, calling on the reserved patience that people depended on her for in a crisis.

"Sentient programs? Jesus fucking Christ, lady." She only gave him a hint of a knowing smile, before it morphed back into a scowl.

Will he ever stop talking? She was a woman of very few words, preferring to convey what she felt with action. And him blathering on really started to piss her off. She held on tighter to her patience.

Move out of the way.

She caught a glimpse of his fangs when he grinned and opened the door. She looked from him to the earpiece. She didn't know how long the frequency would remain useful to him, or whether it would even led to his undoing if they traced the programming of the equipment back to him.

Agents will be up his ass in no time.

Briefly, for the first time, ever, she felt comforted by that...but that soon turned sour as well. Agents or some other system program would probably get rid of him. But, what if he turned some of them first? What did that mean for the Matrix...and Neo?

The artificial light that streamed from the door that Frost opened for her interrupted her thoughts. To him, it might look strange to see such a sterile corridor of white doors in a dingy alley.

She was confident that finding her when she did not want to be found would be quite difficult.

Clasping her hands behind her back, she considered what the anomaly just said, while realizing that for all his power, he was only a body in a vat somewhere. He would not want to know her truth. Trinity looked down the long corridor as she spoke.

"The questions you think you want to ask, you don't want to know the answers to." She turned her head to come face to face with him. "and by the time you think of asking the right questions, they will have deleted what's in you."

Turning her head back to the corridor, she walked through the door.
Deacon Frost_vampiregod_ on August 4th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)
"Deleted. Right."

Frost shook his head and looked into the building after her. It was pretty odd...a sterile white corridor. He figured that it was probably one of those false front government things. Or anti-government. With all of the suits running around, the government had to be involved somewhere.

"Whatever." He shut the door behind her and turned to head back home.

"I'm sure we'll meet again..."

With that, he was off.