26 May 2006 @ 02:16 pm
Time to be Heroes (Tag: Morpheus, Neo, Smith, Molly, Karolina, Trinity, Cypher(?))
-Continued from here (Put our Heads Together) and here (A Prison Within a Prison)

The rescue party, composed of spunky little Molly, Karolina and Trinity, stood behind the colossal statue in the square of 7 World Trade Complex, with their backs pressed against the equally massive marble base. They had not even made it into the building and already the rescue effort was not going well. Not at all. Bullets rang out all around them, taking small bites from the sculpture. 

Trinity was deeply aggravated by the thought that Morpheus could be dying inside while she was unable to move forward due to the hail of bullets speeding toward them from the guns of five Agents. The Suits had materialized into the shells of five National Guards after Molly and Karoline had bashed the living hell out the Agent who had materialized in their Yellow Cab. Frowning, Trinity watched the code of the building swim in front of her face. It was not enough. Bracing herself against the pain that she had no time for, she called out, "I need a download of the schematics to 7 World Trade Center."

At the first jolt, she grimaced in anticipation. Her eyes closed as they rolled back into her head as the information was being downloaded into her from an unknown source. Pain exploded behind her eyes but now was not the time to be caught up in it. As the headache threatened to split her in two, Agents took a step closer to all of them. Her eyes still fluttering behind her eyelids, the buildings interior architecture swam in front of her.

There's always a way in. Smiling as she identified the key places in the building: command center, should they need computer access to the security camera's, electrical output center and...a vault? In the basement?  "Shit!", she spat out.  It would be the perfect place to keep a prisoner with no easy way in or out except through the heavily fortified door. Damn you Smith!

She was betting that was where Morpheus was being held captive. Perhaps Karolina and Molly could help her into the building, but there was no way she would let herself take them into the basement to be most likely surrounded by many Agents and Smith. That would almost surely led to their certain death. There was no way that she could allow for that to happen to them.

Suddenly she wished she had not left things the way she had with Neo...if that was Neo. Certain sadness quickly passed over her as she saw herself storming out of the apartment, severely confused and uncertain at his reappearance. I’m sorry. I just didn’t know what else to do. Her mind flew past their history together. For every action there is a reaction in the Matrix, unbeknownst to her as her thoughts manifested her mind, as she thought of him, the binary version of that thought made its way across time, space and programming. Zero’s turned to one’s, one’s to two’s, as the two were inextricably linked.  
A cold reserved calmness plastered itself on her face as she turned to look at the two girls. She had no idea if they had spoken to her during the time she was in her head. She would have heard nothing.
“I need your help.” She said turning to Karolina. “Can you blind them with your….ability?” Trinity needed someone to cover her while she ran at the Agents and shot. Not waiting for an answer, she slipped on her sunglasses, clicked her firearms into rapid-fire mode and ran for a marble pillar, which was closer to the door. Trinity would have to get inside to initiate the second stage of the plan.
Karolina: glowburningpainting on May 26th, 2006 06:43 pm (UTC)
Karolina grimly recalled that this was not the first time she and Molly had been pinned down by police gunfire. She held the little girl to her side, unsure if Molly's invulnerability extended to bullets; she could take bullets to the chest and crumple up tanks like tissue paper, but projectiles might be something more than she could withstand.

She wasn't sure where to go from here; they were pretty badly outnumbered and outgunned, at least from a distance. If they could get up close, that might be another story entirely. But for now those Agents had forced them to take cover. The last time this had happened they'd had Chase's fistigons to lay down a firey shield, but-

Wait. Karolina turned to Trinity, about to suggest that she might be able to shield them, but the brunette spoke first.

“I need your help. Can you blind them with your….ability?” Before Karolina could reply, she'd already armed herself and dashed out from behind the pillar, guns ablazing.

"I can do you one better. Come on Molly, hurry after her! She might need an emergency door." Karolina muttered to herself, stuffing her bracelet back into her pocket. Her glow might be conspicuous, but she couldn't afford to be inhibited right now. She soared above Trinity and Molly, a few feet above head-height. The geyser of light from her hair and arms spread out and around them in a shield. Karolina had never tried anything like this before; the principle was the same as bracing up the cab, only now she was pushing out against the rain of bullets.

She winced and hissed as they moved quickly across the courtyard. The bullets stung like hail, and did about as much damage. This wasn't something she could sustain for long, but fortunately Trinity and Molly were moving fast. On the downside, they could only vaguely make out the shapes of cars, people and buildings through the shimmering dome. Trinity's own guns were effectively neutralized, but it might be best if she conserved her ammo for once they got inside the building anyway.

The sun was quickly sinking, and Karolina could feel her strength ebbing. She'd used up a lot of energy today. By the time night fell she'd only have enough power for about a dozen laser blasts. Better make them count.
Neoneo_thematrix on May 27th, 2006 12:40 am (UTC)
Following a frustrating and unsuccessful attempt at reuniting with Trinity after he had found her at Morpheus' apartment, Neo had realised that Morpheus and her were apparently back but also stuck in this new Matrix. Plunged into a meditative trance and with his eyes still closed, Neo focused on the code of this new Matrix, accustoming himself to its new parameters, limits and characteristics, but mainly looking for Trinity's and Morpheus' location. He had agreed to serve as a guardian of this new Matrix but the well-being of his friends and companions was for him a foremost priority.

Within a few minutes, Neo distinctly sensed two residual but very clear echoes within the code: Morpheus and then Trinity has successively called for Neo, probably requesting his help.

Tormented by an internal feeling of guilt not to have been able to respond immediately to the call of his two allies, Neo frowned and kept focusing of these recent calls for help. He was about to zero in onto their location when an electromagnetic wave swept through the code he was examining. The shock made him open his eyes and fall on the couch he was previously levitating over.

"World Trade Center!" he immediately said, before even realising that he had located them.

Jumping on his feet, he put his trench coat and boots back on, before running into Morpheus' office room. He grabbed the guns and ammunitions he had laid on the desktop and attached or stuffed them on himself. He was still attaching one last holster to his right thigh when he started running towards one of the apartment's windows.

Please forgive me for not answering your call for help earlier, my friends. May I reach you before anything sombre happens.

After swiftly opening the window and stepping on the ledge, he closed it down and jumped. Through the cloudy skies and above the city lights, Neo flew at the speed of sound towards the location, towards Morpheus and Trinity, towards danger.
Molly Hayes: Bruisercute_hats on May 27th, 2006 06:30 am (UTC)
Molly dashed after Trinity at Karolina's urging. The bullets had been whizzing by as she had been hiding, but she had shown no concern whatsoever. While she had never been hit by a bullet before, she felt invincible and immortal all the time. This was in part because she was eleven and in part very justified by the fact that nothing else that had ever hit her had hurt her. As she ran after Trinity with Karolina flying over head, it was also in part because she knew that Karolina wouldn't let her get hurt, and neither would Trinity.

If they weren't caught up in such a crazy situation, she would be dazzled and in total awe of Karolina's using her powers to the max. As it was, she was actually trying to outrace Trinity as they ran towards the building. She was totally going to pull a Juggernaut and run right through the wall! Of course, her hole might not be big enough for Trinity to run through standing straight up, but she would try. Sometimes it totally sucked being short!

"Move! Coming through! Watch this!"

She splayed her arms up and out a little so that she could make the biggest hole possible and as they approached the wall she just didn't stop. Instead, she ran right into the wall and through it, pulling something of a Looney Toons moment and having a body shaped hole right down to her arms up and off to either side.

"Aww..that sucked."

She looked a little put out as she turned around and batted bits of the wall out of the way so the hole would at least be big enough for the other two to easily follow. Sometimes these awesome plans of hers weren't quite as awesome as she tried for them to be. Stupid shortness. She had hoped to leave a bigger hole the first time around so she wouldn't have to do this. Sooooo freaking embarrassing.
Agent Smithsmith_matrix on May 27th, 2006 08:19 pm (UTC)
Why? Why isn't the connection being established more quickly?

His left hand back on Morpheus' bald head, pressing it down firmly onto the headrest of the half-reclined chair, and his right hand grabbing Morpheus' arm, Smith kept his eyes on one of the monitors. After finally capturing Morpheus, Smith had brought him to this vault inside Building Seven of the World Trade Center complex, and hooked him up to an array of electronic devices replicating the equipment used by rebels to disconnect other humans from the Matrix. But something was apparently preventing the Disconnection Protocol from establishing a link with the Zero One's mainframe computer.

Something coming from within Morpheus' code!

Before he could investigate any further, reports flooded into his earpiece from the 12 Agents and 20 soldiers deployed throughout the basement, staircases and lobby, as well as immediately outside the building: three women had apparently launched an offensive against their stronghold. Smith looked down at Morpheus with impatience in his eyes.

If you think that you can prevent the connection from being established with that kind of fail-safe mechanism, you...

Smith's train of thought stopped dead in its track as his eyes widened: no rebel had ever developed a fail-safe mechanism of this apparent strength and complexity, as it required extremely advanced programming skills and was designed to protect highly-sensitive programmes -- not some worthless, despicable rebel like this Morpheus.

Unless something inside of him is worth such a high-level of safeguard, like...

"The lobby wall has been breached," announced Williams stoically over the Agents' network, interrupting Smith's thoughts again.

"Wipe 'em out," replied Smith on the same network, without having to say the words out loud. "All of them."
short_green_tie: Headbowshort_green_tie on May 28th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
Morpheus hung forward in the chair. He hardly needed Smith's hand on the back of his head holding it down as he didn't have the strength to lift it any more. Indeed, he wasn't even quite in his right mind due to the white flashes of agony that were now becoming less intermittant and more constant in his head. It was like having a migraine, only infinitely worse.

He had to hold out; he had to resist Smith until they could get to him. Trinity had never failed him before and he knew that she would not again. The Matrix was not destined to come under Smith's tyranny and the truce was not destined to fail. Of this he was absolutely certain. He had to hold out, he had to remain concious, he had to...

Suddenly, Morpheus's head went completely limp under Smith's hand. He had passed out. Almost. More accurately, the Oracle Program had shut his consciousness down so that it could divert 100% of it's energy and focus towards holding Smith's drugs and thus his hacking back.

Don't worry hon, I'll take it from here.
Trinity: Guns blazingtrinity_matrix3 on May 28th, 2006 03:46 pm (UTC)
Impressive. Bending a little to run through the new hole in the wall that her petite friend had plowed through, Trinity sprinted forward quickly, placing her body in-between Molly, Karolina and the oncoming Agent. Pushing forward, she drew her weapons only when she was a foot away from Agent Brown. Expecting to hit her, the Agent pulled his fist back at the same time that Trinity pumped his head full of lead. The Agent fell into an electrical spasm as he dropped to the floor, only to be replaced by the officer who he had shifted into.

A soldier rushed at her with his rifle. Jumping into the air and flipping around him, she landed behind the soldier and grabbed him from the back, forcing his gun clad-arm on his colleagues. Pressing on his trigger finger, a spray of bullets raced out to greet the three other soldiers. Another soldier rushed at her from the side. Kicking her right leg up, she caught the soldier in the face and he stumbled back, momentarily stunned. Turning her attention back to the soldier she was holding, Trinity grabbed his head and twisted quickly to the side, satisfied when he slumped to the ground with a thud.

What the… Her legs suddenly dangled off the floor before she went flying back into Molly. Finding herself sprawled on her back, she quickly got up and watched as the Agent approached. Anger bubbled beneath her skin as she recognized him.

Agent Johnson. His face was engraved in her mind. He killed me. Focus on that anger. Use it. Smirking over her deep scowl, she fired at him with one arm, anticipating that he would duck and fired towards the other soldier with the other arm.

They were still heavily outnumbered: there were five Agents and five soldiers running in from the outside of the building while Trinity was still grappling with Johnson and the soldier.
Neoneo_thematrix on May 28th, 2006 06:36 pm (UTC)
Still in flight, Neo could examine the details of the Building Seven's surroundings. There was action down there: numerous Agents, lots of NG soldiers, bullets flying everywhere, three women storming the building.


His heart skipped a beat when he realised that she was in the middle of that rumble. Pushing the limits of his Matrix rules-bending abilities, Neo increased speed, causing several building windows to shatter as he flew by.

It seemed that Trinity was getting help from two young women, apparently as determined to get in as Trinity was. She had succeeded in running pass the first wave of Agents deployed outside the building, thanks to an impressive shield of light spread over the entire courtyard by the young lady. But Trinity was now in the building's lobby, facing more Agents, more soldiers.

Inside the building's lobby, Trinity and her second companion were now facing five soldiers in addition to Agents Johnson and White. It was crazy of them to take such a risk, but Neo understood that Morpheus was probably inside that building and requiring some help: they were risking their life for him. And their escape route was blocked by the five Agents deployed outside the building and now converging towards the hole through which Trinity and her companion had entered.

Agents Williams, Wilson, Moore, Taylor and Harris, running with their guns drawn, were now in a tight formation outside the building, close to the hole, ready to fire through it and catch Trinity and her friend in a deadly crossfire.

When Building Seven was finally in sight below him, Neo didn't hesitate. He flew down at full speed like an arrow and, in mid-course, he rolled himself up into a tight, rapidly-revolving ball, closing his eyes to focus on the code around him, which he would need to alter, and to brace himself...

The wide shield of light had started to dissipate above the courtyard when Neo crashed directly onto the group of Agents like a massive bomb, making the ground and structures shake within a two-mile radius. While Agents Williams and Harris got literally crushed by Neo's weight and impact, the three others were sent flying away from the building wall at great speed, blasted away by the powerful impact.

As Trinity continued struggling against the Agents and soldiers in the building's lobby, Neo stood in a fetal position within a deep and wide crater, directly under the hole through which Trinity and her companion had entered. Surrounded by a large dust cloud, with Agents Williams and Harris buried in the ground under him and barely visible anymore, Neo paused to recover from the effort of such an attack. However, he still could pull out two of his pistols and fire one bullet in each of the two Agents at point-blank range, forcing their re-materialisation into another shell.
Karolina: angerburningpainting on May 28th, 2006 10:22 pm (UTC)
Karolina tucked her arms in at her side to glide through the hole Molly had punched in the lower half of the wall. The girl had obviously hoped for a more impressive display, but she'd managed to get them inside the building without having to go through the more secure lobby. Karolina stumbled to the ground and keeled over, hands on her knees and eyes shut. Her head spun and swam with the effort of blocking the shower of bullets; her whole body felt like tenderized meat. She'd have to be very careful with the last of her energy reserves, or else she'd be deadweight on this rescue attempt.

Shifting rubble alerted her to the soldier coming up behind her. She ducked out of the way, the butt of a gun barely missing the back of her skull, and kicked out sloppily with her foot. The desperate lash connected with the soldier's ankle, and he tripped backwards. Karolina looped a streamer of light around his knees and swung him like a bat towards a two soldiers taking aim on Trinity, who was busy with another Agent. The three of them went down in a sprawl, gunfire spraying wildly as they convulsively gripped their weapons. Chunks of ceiling rained down on those in the hall. The man Karolina had used as a racquet was riddled with holes, becoming even more deadweight to hold them down and block the entrance of more reinforcements from the lobby.

She looked wildly around for Molly, who she hadn't seen since she'd punched through the wall. Where had she gotten to in the melee?!

The ground underfoot gave a gut-wrenching lurch, pitching everyone inside the building to the ground or into walls. Karolina fell over a pile of ceiling tiles, wincing as sharp edges cut into her arms and skinned her knees through her jeans. It felt like something had blown up in the parking lot! She had no way of knowing that Neo had just pulled a meteor act, or that Agent Jackson, the man she'd lashed to the roof of a Hummer, had been crushed as the SUV was sent bouncing and rolling by the concussion blast.
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short_green_tie: Batteryshort_green_tie on June 6th, 2006 04:34 am (UTC)
Morpheus's eyes never left Smith. He couldn't afford for them to. The Agent was fast enough as it was without his losing concentration. A split second before Smith began to move, Morpheus ducked into a forward roll, moving under the arc of Smith's jump and lashing out with his foot before standing on the other side of the machinery. His foot caught the machinery and kicked it just under where Smith was projected to land, fists pummeling.

Defense first. This time he even avoided contact.
Agent Smith: Rain Ragesmith_matrix on June 6th, 2006 04:55 am (UTC)
Seeing Morpheus disappear towards the very location from where Smith had jumped, the Agent also saw the main electronic console take the rebel's place.


Smith tried to avoid crashing on the equipment but couldn't move his body out of the way quickly enough, his right foot accidentally kicking the main monitor off the metallic shelf it was bolted to. As the piece of hardware crashed against the wall, and as Smith awkwardly landed and crouched, his left hand reached the portable device still plugged into the main computer, right before it slipped out of its socket.

His hand still on the small storage device to maintain it firmly in place, Smith stood up, his eyes meeting Morpheus', and his mind slowly counting the last four seconds of the transfer procedure.
short_green_tie: Gunshort_green_tie on June 6th, 2006 05:19 am (UTC)
Morpheus saw an opportunity for offense now. A four second opportunity, to be exact. Although this was about surviving, while Smith maintained his download, he could not fight as effectively. A strong offense now may make for an easier defense later. But what? What could he do in four seconds? A lot. Yet, he had to figure out..and fast..what would be the most effective move. He may only get one.

Morpheus was struck with inspiration. He brought his hands together and ripped off one chainlink for each hand and whipped them at Smith like makeshift throwing stars. He then immediately ripped off a third one and also whipped hit. His goal were each of Smith's eyes. The first naturally was to start the dodging and the next two to hit the predicted target areas. He only hoped that he was successful. Even blinded Smith would be highly dangerous, but the threat would be lowered enough to potentially buy Morpheus a few extra precious minutes as the rescue party closed in.
Agent Smith: Rain Ragesmith_matrix on June 6th, 2006 05:40 am (UTC)
With his left hand still maintaining the portable storage device plugged into the computer as the last few bits of the previous protocol were downloaded onto it, Smith had very limited room to manoeuver. When he saw Morpheus turn his chain links into makeshift projectiles, Smith was not only surprised by the speed but also by the precision of his throws.

Smith was about to dodge the first incoming projectile when he felt a distant but precise sensation of déjà vu.

He knows I'm going to dodge this...

Defiant, Smith stood still and swiftly raised his right hand in front of his eyes. The first sharp projectile hit his hand with unexpected force, precisely at his eyes' level, digging deep inside his flesh and leaving a bloody and painful hole in his right hand. The two other projectiles hit Smith in the chest with the same sharp velocity, precisely where his eyes would have been if he had dodged the first projectile.

Looking down at his white shirt now marked with two bloody red spots, Smith then lifted his eyes to meet Morpheus'. His teeth clenched, and knowing the transfer procedure to have been completed, he unplugged the portable storage device with an almost ferocious move and violently pushed the electronic console aside, sending it crashing against the wall.
short_green_tieshort_green_tie on June 6th, 2006 06:00 am (UTC)
Morpheus was visibly taken aback. Smith had not dodged. Indeed, he had seemed to realize Morpheus's strategy and counter it. He was not so disappointed that the attack failed (although it could only bode ill), but more shocked. The Agent had resisted his internal programming. This was a step in the direction that he had taken before, when he became more of a replicating virus. If Smith was more rapidly moving in that direction as well as indulging in megalomaniacal ambitions for Matrix domination, then they were all in for some serious trouble.

Morpheus backed away until his back was against the door to the vault, readying himself for the incoming assault grimly. This was not good.
Agent Smith: Rain Ragesmith_matrix on June 6th, 2006 06:17 am (UTC)
The pain of the three projectiles still lodged in his flesh surprised Smith but only for a brief moment. His eyes riveted on Morpheus now standing with his back against the vault door, Smith kicked another piece of equipment out of his way before violently ripping the long and massive operation chair off the floor and sending it flying towards Morpheus at great speed.
short_green_tieshort_green_tie on June 6th, 2006 06:23 am (UTC)
Morpheus quickly dodged down to the ground. Dodging large makeshift projectiles was much easier than dodging Smith's blows, as his 'sixth sense' kicked in and still had the time that it took Smith to reach down and pick up the chair before throwing it. All of this still happened with blinding speed, but the extra second of delay was all someone in Morpheus's position needed.

"Think you can hold onto your program as you attack me, Agent?"
Agent Smith: Rain Ragesmith_matrix on June 6th, 2006 06:46 am (UTC)
As the large chair loudly crashed on the vault's door, Smith saw Morpheus dodging down to the ground and immediately raced towards him.

"Touch it and your hand will never touch anything again," Smith shouted as his right hand instinctively reached over the little bulge apparent on the outside of his vest, caused by his portable storage device he had put back in his inside vest pocket.

As he got closer, Smith extended his left hand in order to grab Morpheus' arm and pull the rebel towards him.
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Molly Hayes: Mine!cute_hats on June 12th, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
Molly sat under the door for a moment, hearing the sounds of fighting going on inside the vault. Whoa, a total Matrix fight! She was just about to leap up to her feet when Agent Smith himself dove under the door with her!!! Molly's eyes went HUGE. This was so totally the real guy! Right here! As she watched, he picked up a discarded Assault Rifle and cocked it. Apparently he didn't even realize in his distraction that she was in here with him!

"Wow! You're freaking Agent Smith! From the movies!"

It was hard to tell if she was more excited from random fangirlism or from the opportunity to get to participate in the conflict. Perhaps it was some of both, but as the startled and confused Agent half turned to look, she leapt forward and grabbed him in a giant little girl bear hug, pinning his arms against his chest. Before he could react, she also nabbed his sunglasses right off his head and put them on before returning her arm to aiding the other one in holding the Agent still. After all, if she was going to be in a Matrix movie, she totally had to look the part with cool sunglasses!

"Look everybody! I'm completely hugging Agent Smith! From the movies! Isn't that awesome?!" She looked at him as he squirmed. "I'm sorry, but you're kinda the badguy and I don't want you hurting any of my friends any more. That's why I've gotta keep hugging you. You might go after me if I let you go! Can I keep the sunglasses? They're so freaking cool."

Naturally, he didn't stop squirming. This made Molly tighten her grip more and more instinctively so he wouldn't get away. She looked up over his shoulder to see a whole bunch more Agents running down the hall. Uh oh. As they began to open fire, saw a shield of light appear and save them. Karolina! The girl's yelps of pain from the made her wince and hug tighter against Smith's squirming, which also inspired more hugging until suddenly she heard a few sharp CRACKS from the Agent's body.

"Oops..." She looked at Smith sheepishly, hoping that she hadn't broken anything too important. "Uh...sorry about that..."
Agent Smith: Hurtsmith_matrix on June 13th, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
Smith had hoped that Trinity would be caught off guard by his attack but she had had the reflex of violently kick him away in midair, sending him flying in a totally different direction than he had hoped. He then landed on the floor, his jaw now completely broken, thanks to both Morpheus' punch and Trinity's kick.

Fortunately, he landed close to the half-reclining vault's door and immediately crawled under it, closely avoiding Mr. Anderson's bullet. One of the Guardsmen's rifle was lying there and it was only after picking it up and cocking it that he noticed that impudent little child, sitting on the floor next to him, under the vault's door she had torn off barehanded. Smith was lying on his back and by the time he had lifted his chest to adopt a sitting position and motioned his rifle towards the child, she had jumped on him, hugging him in an awkward embrace that nevertheless tied his arms to his chest. He was still holding the rifle in his right hand but the weapon was now aimed at the floor, as Smith -- sitting with that childish little animal tied around him -- could not aim at anyone anymore. The mere strength of that thing was unprecedented of, and Smith struggled to understand how he got restrained in such a way.

His injured face reflected in the sunglasses that the child had taken off of him and put on herself, Smith squirmed under the increased tightness of her squeeze. Barely paying attention to what she said, he neverheless noticed the arrival of eight of his twelve fellow Agents. Despite having lost faith in these weak Agents' abilities, Smith still hoped that they could teach these amateurs a lesson.

Suddenly, under the squeezing pressure of the little kid, both of Smith's elbows snapped with a clear cracking sound. Able to subdue the pain by focusing on the Matrix code and the non-existence of this very pain, Smith retained his composure as he felt that his now flaccid arms gave him, for the fraction of a second, the very little amount of extra space he needed to freely move his head backward and immediately propel it forward to hit the child's face with his forehead.

The impact shattered the sunglasses on the young child's face and surprised her, making her momentarily release some of the pressure in her squeeze. With both his arms now out of service, his jaw badly injured, and Morpheus' three projectiles still in the flesh of his chest and right hand, Smith activated the Agent-to-Human Materialisation programme. Outside, a police car was approaching the WTC 7 building, and Smith liaised with Agent Pace so that they could both materialise into the shell of the two policemen riding the vehicle.

Still tied up in the child's arms, and with his teeth still clenched, Smith started to convulse and fade as he appeared to morph into a mustached and corpulent private security guard.
short_green_tieshort_green_tie on June 13th, 2006 06:09 am (UTC)
Morpheus watched the fight unfold in front of him exceedingly fast. It was hard to react as fast as everything was happening due to the blow he had taken earlier. He felt more Agents coming, but Karolina dealt with them easily. In fact, she dealt with them far more easily than he had anticipated she would be able to from his knowledge on her. It was amazing how far she had progressed while still within the Matrix. He was beginning to wonder; he had thought her mind was not ready to be free from their conversation, but what if it was something entirely different? What if her mind did not want to be free? What if she were happy here with these powers?

Or...what if she were not in the Matrix at all? What if the Matrix only applied to certain individuals? Could the Matrix reality be superimposed upon another? Or in conflict with another type of Matrix programming? Could Karolina and her friend be from a different Matrix? Suddenly Morpheus's head spun with the insane possibilities. It may go deeper than a Matrix within a Matrix. There might be something else at work. Suddenly he had that 'what if I'm a figment of another person's dream' feeling that had been asked by many pondering the truth of reality. Just when he thought he understood it all, he got hit in the head and things began to not make as much sense as he thought they did.

When he saw Smith dive behind the door, he almost jumped forward. The young girl was under there! But then he realized that she might be able to take care of herself. From what he had seen of her dealings with Agents back in Grand Central... Instead, he turned his attention to Karolina, who was faltering. He moved forward and placed a hand upon her shoulder.

"You have done well, Karolina. Thank you very, very much. Please, let your shield down and take no pain from them. We will deal with the remaining two for you and make sure your friend is safe." It was then that he heard the loud, painful sounding CRACKS from under the vault that were too solid to be the bones of a child. "...Or perhaps she will take care of herself..." His eyebrows shot up and he looked just the littlest bit amused.

He nodded to Neo and Trinity to be ready for when or if Karolina let down her defenses. They would need to make short work of this and get moving towards an exit immediately lest they lose their chance at an escape.

Karolina: Haloburningpainting on June 13th, 2006 06:23 am (UTC)
By the time Morpheus came up behind her, Karolina was so light-headed from burnout that his hand on her shoulder very nearly tipped her over. As it was, the last of the glow detached itself from her hands, fluttering away like burning scraps of paper to spark out in the air. Light no longer streamed off her body; now she was merely a particularly shiney human being.

Combining offense and defense in one move sapped the last of her solar batteries, and she sagged bonelessly backwards into Morpheus. Karolina had the presence of mind to be a little chagrined; she probably wouldn't be able to walk out of here on her own. She'd spent too much energy, and now she was nothing but dead weight. Hopefully Molly was better at conservation than she was.
Trinitytrinity_matrix3 on June 13th, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
It would be good to get out of here now.

Looking around the small rebel army she took note of everyone's status and surveyed their ability to face more of an onslaught if it were to happen. They were starting to lose their advantage the longer they stayed in this box-like container. Karolina seemed spent and was swaying on her feet. Moving forward, Trinity offered the girl her side to lean on and she took Karolina's arm and wrapped it around her shoulder while placing her own around Karolina’s waist to better support her. She glanced at Morpheus, obviously relieved to see him alive but noticed that he too had suffered badly at Smith's hands. Perhaps it would be best if Morpheus helped Karolina walk but Trinity was not sure about his own state of health. Looking sideways at Neo, she noticed that he had a nosebleed, possibly because his nose was broken, but otherwise he seemed fine. She could not see Molly behind the door.

"Molly?" She called out anxiously knowing that Smith had landed not far from her.

Everything seemed quite somehow. Smith was gone. At least she thought so as she saw a limp male hand poke out from behind the metallic door that Molly had pulled clean off the frame.

That can only mean that he will be back completely intact. Leaving by the front door was not an option. Trinity closed her eyes briefly and searched the schematics that swam in her head.

Dead end, security centre, maintenance exit...maintenance exit! The door lead to a corridor that lead out of the basement. Then there were a few exits on that level. She hoped to all hell that it would open.

"I know another way out." she said flatly still looking towards the safe door where Molly should be. The main stairway was not a good way to leave. Surely Agents would pool in from there and that was something she was trying to prevent running into again.

She looked worriedly towards Neo before looking back at the door. Was Molly okay?

Neoneo_thematrix on June 14th, 2006 01:20 am (UTC)
The two young women had provided invaluable help with the perfect timing, ripping off the vault's door to let Morpheus out and stopping the second wave of Agents to buy them some time to plan their route out.

After firing at Smith, Neo paused and stood still for a moment. He could finally feel that he was back in full control of his own self, and that he had regained his clear-minded focus, allowing him to read the Matrix code more fluently.

His nose had stopped bleeding.

Interpreting the code flowing through him, he saw that the child of steel had neutralised Smith, who had then fled to re-materialise in another shell. He saw the seven Agents, gathered near the doorway of the staircases leading to the lobby, struggling with the unexpected shield of light and powerful laser beams casted by the lady of light. He also saw Trinity closing her eyes before opening them and announcing that she knew another way out.

Whoa! If she can access that kind of information instantly, she must have an operator somewhere in Zion helping her out along the way. But if she has an operator looking after her, why couldn't she simply leave the Matrix through the nearest phone?

That question puzzled Neo for a split second, but this wasn't the right time for playing questions-and-answers.

As the lady faltered, the shield she had created faded, and the two remaining Agents -- Williams and Harris -- reloaded their weapons, ready to storm the room as soon as the shield disappeared completely. Right outside the building, Agents Smith and Pace had just re-materialised into the shells of two patrolling policemen in their vehicle. And not far away, within the nearby basement corridors, Agent Miller was rushing back towards the room to catch them in a crossfire.

He's coming through the corridor leading to the delivery docks; hopefull does Trinity have another route, otherwise they will bump into him and have no room to fight or manoeuver.

Trinity was actually with Morpheus, both supporting the weakened woman, when Neo stepped out of the vault and onto the floor of the large rectangular room, facing the doorway located at the other extremity of the room. Looking back at his four allies, he calmly stated:

"Move ahead to the nearest exit. I'll hold them up and join you shortly."

Neo then started running towards the doorway, where the shield of light had now vanished, and through which the two raging Agents were now running.
Molly Hayescute_hats on June 20th, 2006 02:47 am (UTC)
Molly's head jerked back from the force of the blow and she blinked in surprise. That almost hurt! Also, she was getting pretty tired now. More than anything though, she was totally depressed that Agent Smith broke the sunglasses. She had so wanted to keep those! What a total meanie!

When he started warping and jerking around in her arms, looking like a really messed up videotape. She screamed in surprise and jerked back. Holding him when he was doing that felt so freaking weird!!!

She frowned as she looked at the chubby security guard guy that appeared in Smith's place. He was wiggling about in pain, confused by his broken arms. Molly felt really sad for him.

"Don't worry Mister, help will come soon! They'll get you nifty casts for your arms!"

She looked up. "I'm okay Trinity!" Then she saw Karolina being supported. "Karolina!!"

Molly started to run that way, but stopped as a huge yawn shook her little frame. Then she moved forward again, but with much less gusto than she had previously been showing.

((OOC: I really apologize for the late late post! I got pretty busy and then went out of town for a wedding. I should have warned you guys but didn't really get the chance to. I'm sorry.))
Agent Smithsmith_matrix on June 23rd, 2006 05:13 am (UTC)
Being forced to re-materialise into another shell greatly exasperated Smith. Finding himself in the driving seat of a police car, he sped up towards the building's main entrance before quickly glancing at Agent Pace sitting in the passenger seat.

A female Agent... Things are simply getting weirder by the minute around here. Someone has to regain control of this new Matrix otherwise all this nonsense will prevail.

A cohort of police cars, fire engines and ambulances were approaching the building at the same time, while an NYPD helicopter hovered above the courtyard adjacent to the main entrance, where the massive crater stood, right under the still-fuming gaping hole in the building wall.

As the car stopped in front of the main entrance, Smith paused while interpreting the code surrounding the area. More Agents were being defeated by the group of rebels, none of which had apparently died yet.

"This new place is pathetic," Smith thought out loud. "Inexplicably powerful aberrations living alongside bewilderingly weak control mechanisms."

"With the truce, harsher control mechanisms became unnecessary," Pace replied, interpreting Smith's criticism as directed towards the new version of the Agent programme.

Smith slowly turned his head towards her: "You obviously know nothing about human nature. They are instinct-driven, short-sighted, emotion-prone animals, whose only purpose is to provide us with a steady supply of bio-electric energy." Smith opened the car door and stepped out without closing it, standing beside the car and looking at the noisy emergency vehicles coming their way, all sirens blaring. "The truce is as artificial, virtual and short-term as the Matrix itself."

In several of the approaching vehicles, Agents had replaced humans in their shells, ready to storm the building again. Pulling out his gun of his shoulder hoster and cocking it, Smith turned towards the building's main entrance.

"Like lab rats in a miniature maze, these rebels don't know where they are heading. They ignore their purpose. They have no clue why they are still alive. Or why I will kill them all, one by one."
short_green_tieshort_green_tie on June 23rd, 2006 05:27 am (UTC)
Morpheus allowed Trinity to take on supporting Karolina. As much as he would have liked to do so, she was in far better health at the moment. Quickly, he took in the rest of the situation and nodded to Neo as he explained his plan of action. Without even waiting to ask if she needed it, Morpheus moved forward and scooped up young Molly Hayes. Someone needed to do so if she was about to weaken on them and while Karolina may have been somewhat difficult, he could handle Molly's small eleven year old frame in his weakened state.

When he held the girl in his arms, he looked to Trinity. "Lead the way, Trinity. We must make our exit fast. I feel Smith and other Agents moving closer outside the building. If we can clear the building, I can have Seraph open a back door for us. Unfortunately, they will not work in here due to heightened mainframe security."
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