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12 November 2006 @ 06:10 pm
Entrance [Open]
During a thunderstorm the Angel Gabriel flies down from heaven and lands on a building. He blinks to give himself fake eyes and puts a trench coat on to cover his wings. He was sent to New York by God to observe humanity, something about this city was always evil and hidden in darkness from God's sight. Gabriel was just as curious as God, as he began to walk around the town.

((Feel free to bump into Gabriel))
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01 November 2006 @ 11:43 am
The single black crow flew from building to building, perching on rooftops. Searching, looking for the man that had destroyed everything Eric had, so that he may in return destroy everything that was his. The skies were heavy with rain, torrents of incessant depressing rain drenching the city.

The sirens could still be heard, quenching the fires from the anarchy and chaos that had been Devil's Night. Top Dollar's power and influence had spread, New York was, after all, no Detroit.

With a piercing screech from the Crow, it took off in flight again, crashing through a loft window where Funboy lay, the heroin addicted slut of a lowlife barmaid under his naked tattooed form.
Funboy's hand reached for the gun instantly from under his pillow. Firing blindly into the dark at the intruder. As the Crow fled, the silhouette of a man swung upside down in the broken window frame, dark curls hanging from his painted face. A defiant smirk spread across the man's lips. "I didn't wait for an invite, I figured you were expecting me."

"Fuckin' psycho clown" Funboy growled, bullets flying at the man in the window with wild abandon, though they served no more purpose than to set Eric swinging a little as he somersaulted into the room.

A barrage of gunshots later, and the pool of blood had soaked the bedcovers beneath him, the woman sitting trembling in the corner, shielding herself from the gunfire. "Eric Draven" he laughed, "Tell his friends who was here."
25 October 2006 @ 02:35 pm
While the cat was away, the city had played. Crime rates were at an all time high, and the club was thriving. Daryl really wasn't such a bad old dog it seemed, despite the unusually high turnover of young female staff during her absence, which to be honest raised a wry smile as opposed to anything more sinister, he'd ran things exactly how she liked them ran.

It was good to be back, North Korea whilst satisfying in the results it had produced, and the wheels she'd set in motion, was not high on her list of vacation spots, it lacked the wild debauchery that she loved so much about New York.

She breathed life into the fire in her office, tossing the various lingerie items Daryl had so carelessly left strewn about her office into the dancing flames. She wondered if perhaps their wearer had met a similar fate.

Pouring herself a glass of the Roullet 1900 Cognac, she leant back in her office chair, and rifled through Daryl's paperwork.
30 August 2006 @ 08:45 pm
A chance for the protege..
Nomak settled back into a shadow, eyes watching his student Sharif. He was more than a little skeptical about this whole hacker approach, preferring to see some real, tangible results.. but he had been growing steadily more lucid and intellectual, so long as blood was provided in reasonable supply. He had to let his lieutenant work solo at some point, may as well be now..

He watched unseen by screen as his pupil manipulated this digital mercenary.
09 August 2006 @ 11:42 pm
After the Storm

That was a close escape! Neo had succeeded in momentarily stopping the Agents, soldiers and policemen from closing in on them, and Karolina, Molly, Morpheus, Trinity and himself had walked through the exit door, which Neo then firmly shut down. They were safe. When Agents would re-open the door, they would only see the rusty staircase of a New York office building.

But for Neo and the rest of the group, the door had led them into what seemed to be an infinite hallway of identical doors. A few metres down the left of where they had come in, a man was keeping another door open and leading the group through it.


As Neo recognised the guardian of the Oracle, he ran towards him as the rest of the group walked through the door Seraph was still holding open for them.

"Seraph," Neo started.

"Neo," Seraph replied, "why are you here with them?"

"Trinity is alive: I needed to see her."

"Things have changed," Seraph answered while looking over his shoulder, as if worried someone would come out of one of the doors. "The Matrix needs you. But the attention you draw from anomalies like Smith might endanger the ones around you. The times of difficult choices are not over."

"But Seraph, I...," Neo started.

"There's no time, you need to step through this door. But remember: your gift is a double-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. Be careful."

As Seraph briefly rested his hand on Neo's shoulder in a gesture of encouragement and faith, Neo walked through the door to join the rest of the group in the dark and run-down corridor of an apartment building. He had been there before: it was Morpheus' place! The rest of the group, led by Trinity, was already heading towards one of the doors -- Morpheus' apartment door. Hastily, they all got in.
24 July 2006 @ 12:04 am
Not all women like to shop ;-) (Open)
She made her way to the convenience store for some provisions. They needed bandages and another first aid kit. The other lasted for about three hours before it ran out of all the essentials. She needed to take, no, buy water and some food for the others. Walking down the aisle, she cocked a brow as she looked at the sheer variety of soup, cereals and ready-made meals. Who the hell cared what they ate? As long as it did not taste like Tasty Wheat, chicken or synthetic protein they would be fine. Did people really think this was important? No wonder their minds were not ready to be freed, they were too occupied with trying to figure out what damn cereal to buy.

Trinity walked down the aisle to the section marked ‘health care’ and began piling bandages, Band-Aids, painkillers, iodine and antiseptic spray into the basket. Customers threw the dark-haired women wearing sunglasses and torn PVC odd looks as the basket overflowed with medical supplies, but she pretended not to see them.

Her shiny latex boots made a swishing noise against the cheap vinyl floor as she turned and marched toward the registers only to stop dead in her tracks. Did the code just flicker? Looking around she scanned the store. Nothing. Increasing her gait, Trinity swallowed hard as she continued to move toward the bored-looking cashier without regard to those around her or the people already waiting in line.
06 July 2006 @ 04:10 pm
And here we go again.
Nomak had waited, and waited, gathering resources and carefully planning out the next few strikes. Finally, it was time to act once more...

Shifts of Reapers, using hand tools and (occasionally) their bare hands, had dug a tunnel snaking from an abandoned old nightclub to girdle 'round 'Frost Tower,' as Nomak always thought of it- the seat of La Magra's business undertakings. Done by brute strength to avoid excessive noise, it was a very good thing that Reapers had so much brute strength to work with.

While the public offices of the city might have a blueprint of the building for municipal purposes- sewer, power, and the like- these days, Frost's security was such that even the discreetest attempt to look at them might tip off the other side that something was up; he already had so many friends in high places already, City Hall was not the way to go. Luckily, some painstaking recon of the architects who designed the place revealed that they hadn't thought of quite everything. A little bribery, blackmail, and extortion, and the foundation's layout was theirs to peruse at will.. Weak points were likely shored up, but that's nothing some extra oomph couldn't take care of, and there really wasn't much you could do about a foundation once it was poured.

Nomak strolled down the nearly finished tunnel, his recruit-in-training Sharif a step behind. Sharif was a real find; vampires were into weapons smuggling up to their gums, and Aziz Sharif handled the largest volume of military-grade contraband in the Middle East. It had been pure luck that Sharif had had to come to New York personally to deal with one of the crime bosses on a new shipment, with Nomak and his Reapers stumbling across the party and waiting for it to break up before ambushing Sharif's little group on their way back to the ship. Exhaustive interrrogation of guards revealed his master's identity, and the opportunity was just too good to pass up.. Sharif sent word of the deal made and told his across-the-ocean underlings that he would stay in the city awhile, the fate of his legs having convinced him that he really didn't want the rest of his body to be treated the same way. A bite and a tub of blood later, he was on his feet again and ready to be painstakingly retrained back to sentience...

"I do not understand, Master. Why not just face him and have done with it?" he snarled low, fists tensing at the wonderful thought. Nomak sighed. There was still a good ways to go on THIS one, all right... "Trust me. Now is not the time," he rasped in return. Sharif, growling, gave way for now.

Reaching the end of the tunnel proper, he moved to where the cases of C-4 were stored in their watertight containers, he gestured at three of the Reapers setting supports and had them bring the containers along. Reaching the first point planned, he reached deep into the hole extending shoulder-high from the main walking area and set the shaped charge against the brushed concrete, then moved on to the next.
23 June 2006 @ 08:51 pm
New York, 11:35 p.m.

Cole is leaning against the side of an old tractor trailer cab near the docks. Warehouses span out in all directions, and the sound of a tugboat in the harbor rings clearly through the light fog coming off the water.

He flips open his cellphone and dials Mac.
31 May 2006 @ 08:36 am
The Work Keeps You Going - Info - Closed
One of the things Sonny wanted in New York City was a place he felt comfortable doing business at. Jason found a great location in Tribeca, with a good price. Construction was nearly finished, and Jason painstakingly set the restaurant/bar up so that people could come in, have a good meal of real food, and talk in some kind of privacy. No bands. No disco. No loud music. The big screen TV's would work for games, but other than that, the place would be a haven of peace in the middle of the loud city.
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26 May 2006 @ 02:16 pm
Time to be Heroes (Tag: Morpheus, Neo, Smith, Molly, Karolina, Trinity, Cypher(?))
-Continued from here (Put our Heads Together) and here (A Prison Within a Prison)

The rescue party, composed of spunky little Molly, Karolina and Trinity, stood behind the colossal statue in the square of 7 World Trade Complex, with their backs pressed against the equally massive marble base. They had not even made it into the building and already the rescue effort was not going well. Not at all. Bullets rang out all around them, taking small bites from the sculpture. 

Trinity was deeply aggravated by the thought that Morpheus could be dying inside while she was unable to move forward due to the hail of bullets speeding toward them from the guns of five Agents. The Suits had materialized into the shells of five National Guards after Molly and Karoline had bashed the living hell out the Agent who had materialized in their Yellow Cab. Frowning, Trinity watched the code of the building swim in front of her face. It was not enough. Bracing herself against the pain that she had no time for, she called out, "I need a download of the schematics to 7 World Trade Center."

At the first jolt, she grimaced in anticipation. Her eyes closed as they rolled back into her head as the information was being downloaded into her from an unknown source. Pain exploded behind her eyes but now was not the time to be caught up in it. As the headache threatened to split her in two, Agents took a step closer to all of them. Her eyes still fluttering behind her eyelids, the buildings interior architecture swam in front of her.

A cold reserved calmness plastered itself on her face as she turned to look at the two girls. She had no idea if they had spoken to her during the time she was in her head. She would have heard nothing.
“I need your help.” She said turning to Karolina. “Can you blind them with your….ability?” Trinity needed someone to cover her while she ran at the Agents and shot. Not waiting for an answer, she slipped on her sunglasses, clicked her firearms into rapid-fire mode and ran for a marble pillar, which was closer to the door. Trinity would have to get inside to initiate the second stage of the plan.